TSPSC Paper Leak: Accused told how TSPSC question papers were stolen! Trial concluded on 2nd day

TSPSC Paper Leak: Accused told how TSPSC question papers were stolen!  Trial concluded on 2nd day

TSPSC Paper Leak Latest News:  The CIT investigation in the TSPSC paper leak case which created a sensation in Telangana ended on the second day. When the accused were interrogated on the first day on Saturday at the Himayat Nagar SIT office, the accused did not give correct answers to the SIT’s questions about how the question papers were tampered with and how the password came into the hands of Rajasekhar. However, on the second day of the investigation on Sunday, the SIT officials obtained vital information from the accused. It is reported that the accused Rajashekhar has admitted during the investigation that he had stolen the question papers by changing the IP addresses, logging into the computer. 

Even after the TSPSC office hours, Praveen and Rajashekhar were found to have collected the question papers. The second day’s investigation concluded at 5 pm on Sunday at the SIT’s office. SIT Chief AR Srinivas.. For two hours the three accused were separately & Once again the three were questioned together. How did the question papers get leaked? Who is behind the veil? The SIT questioned the accused on how the financial transactions were done. Raja Shekhar said that he changed the IP addresses, logged into the computer and stole the question papers. It seems that ACP Prasad, with the help of the technical team, interrogated system administrators Rajasekhar Reddy and Praveen on the issue of question paper leakage.   

SIT taking statements from the accused 
SIT officials statement on the roles of Rajasekhar, Praveen, Renuka, Dakya, Rajeshwar, Gopal, Rajendra, Nilesh, Srinivas Viri It seems to have been recorded. Praveen and Rajasekhar are inquiring about the technical matters. The accused gave a statement that the question papers changed hands from Raj Shekhar to Praveen and from him through Renuka. The SIT recorded the statement of the accused that they had copied the AE exam paper as well as the Town Planning Veterinary Assistant exam question papers. Accused Praveen and Rajasekhar Reddy also leaked the question papers of Group-1 prelims held on October 16 as well as AEE and DAO examination papers. On the other hand, Cybercrime ACP Prasad examined the CPU hard disks from the confidential office. 

Even the top officials are shocked to see the irregularities committed by Rajasekhar and Praveen in the TSPSC office. Praveen’s affair came to light when the authorities investigated the complaint that the question paper of the town planning examination had been leaked. On the request of his friend Renuka, he leaked the AEE question paper along with his friend Rajasekhar, it turned out to be a lie. It has been revealed that the leakage of these question papers is not limited to AEE exam only, Renuka mentioned it only to make us believe so. In fact, it seems that Praveen and Rajasekhar’s gang stole the rest of the question papers.

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