TSPSC AE Exam: Canceled Assistant Engineer Exam? TSPSC in thinking with leakage of question papers!

TSPSC AE Exam: Canceled Assistant Engineer Exam?  TSPSC in thinking with leakage of question papers!

Assistant‌ held on March 5 in Telangana. Engineer (AE), Municipal‌ Assistant Engineer‌, Technical‌ Officer‌, Junior‌ Technical‌ Officer‌ TS‌PSC intends to cancel the written test for jobs. TS‌Assistant in PSC‌ Section‌ Officer‌ Praveen Kumar along with System Administrator Rajasekhar Reddy.. Assistant Engineer The commission found that the question paper had been given to others. It is planning to cancel the exam. To this extent on Tuesday (March 14) the Commission‌ Urgent meeting and Chairman‌ There is a possibility that the members will discuss with Janardhan Reddy and make an official announcement.  September last year‌ PSC notification for 833 posts AE, TS for other posts on 12th. It is known that it has been released. 

Unemployed candidates are worried about the information that the written exam question paper conducted by TSPSC for 837 assistant engineer posts in the state government departments has been leaked. About 74 thousand people applied for this exam held on March 5. Around 55 thousand people appeared across the state. It was initially believed that the question papers of the Town Planning Building Overseer (TPBO) exam, which was to be held on March 12, had been leaked. But, the police investigation revealed that the question papers of the AE exam were leaked. It is learned that the folder copied from the computer by the accused contained the question papers of the AE examination as well as the question papers of future examinations. The police have seized the phones of the accused and are interrogating several people based on the information contained in them. Nine people have already been arrested in this case. Among them, the main accused is TS‌PSC secretary PA Praveen, Gurukula teacher Renuka, neighborhood services employee Rajasekhar‌ Reddy is there. 

The TPBO and VAS exams have already been postponed..
Due to the news of paper leakage, the TS‌PSC which was scheduled to be held on March 12 has already been postponed. Planning‌ Building‌ Overseas‌ (TPBO); Also Veterinary Assistant & zwnj; Surgeon‌ The Commission said that the jobs are being cancelled. declared. This information has been forwarded to the candidates. Someone opened the system in the office of the Commission. As soon as the information was received, the commission at the police station Complained. Veterinary Assistant‌ Surgeon‌ It has also announced that the jobs will be canceled as a precautionary measure. The currently canceled exams will be held on April‌ Or to be held in the month of May by the Commission‌ feels The next dates will be finalized in the meeting on Tuesday and a decision will be taken on the announcement of the dates.

Weak network.. their strength!
As it was revealed that the question papers related to the future examinations were found in a folder downloaded from the computer, the Commission will prepare new question papers in their place. This is likely to take some time. It is learned that the police investigation has revealed that the computer network in the TSPSC office is weak. It was revealed that the computers were easily hacked by the accused due to lack of proper security arrangements and dedicated server.

Removal of Rajasekhar Reddy.. Praveen Kumar Suspension‌
Five government employees put their lives at risk by giving jobs to two. TS‌System in PSC‌ Administrator‌ Rajasekhar Reddy was dismissed from the job. Assistant Section‌ Officer‌ Praveen Kumar was suspended. did Gurukula teacher Renuka, her husband is a technical in DR‌ Assistant Dhaka, Constable‌ Police said that Srinivas is being taken to remand. Nedo and Repo will take official action against these three.

One thing is expected and another is leakage..
While the AE exam was completed on March 5, the town‌planning‌ Building‌ Over‌Seas‌, Veterinary Assistant‌ Public‌ TS‌PSC officials received information that the exam papers were leaked. With this, TS‌PSC Assistant‌ The secretary filed a police complaint on March 11. Assistant‌ engineer‌ Shocked to find evidence of leaked exam question papers. Task force on performance of TSPSC employees, leakage of question papers Police are investigating deeply. Confidential‌ Section‌ Inquiring about the role of the officers as well as other employees. Confidential‌ Question papers hidden system in section‌ User‌ Why do I have to write the ID and password in the note book? Pravin‌ How did you find out? Why did no one detect the theft? CCTV cameras, confidential‌ Doubts are being expressed as to why there is no supervision of the higher authorities on the matters that happen in the section. Assistant Engineers‌ Posts Exam Paper‌ Higher officials have taken action against those responsible in the case of leakage. TS‌PSC Assistant‌ Section‌ Officer‌ Praveen Kumar was suspended. did Outsourcing Employee Rajasekhar‌ Reddy was removed from duty. They are also preparing to take action against the teacher, her husband and the constable.

group‌-1 paper‌ Also leaked?
Assistant‌ engineer‌ After it was revealed that the question papers of the exam were leaked. There are whispers that it happened. It seems that many candidates and unemployed people are worried that the Group‌-1 exam papers may be leaked. Recently the government declared the result of Group‌-1 preliminary examination. Qualified candidates are preparing for mains. Meanwhile.. Currently, as the question paper leakage issue is affecting the TS‌PSC, Group‌-1 Main‌ Concern has started among the candidates who have qualified for the exam.

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