TS Mlc Elections: BRS clean sweep in MLC elections, three candidates are unanimous!

TS Mlc Elections: BRS clean sweep in MLC elections, three candidates are unanimous!

TS Mlc Elections: BRS candidates were unanimously elected in Telangana MLA Kota MLC elections. The collection of nominations for the MLC elections has ended today. BRS candidates were elected unanimously as no nominations were filed from other parties. Naveen Kumar, Deshapati Srinivas and Challa Venka Tramireddy, who filed nominations on behalf of BRS, were unanimous. To this extent, the Returning Officer has provided certificates confirming that these three candidates are unanimous as MLCs.  

Three BRS candidates unanimously 

The BRS candidates were unanimously elected in the elections for three MLC seats in the MLA quota. When the examination of nominations was completed, four nominations were filed, out of which the nomination of Palamuri Kamala, who contested as an independent candidate, was rejected. With this, BRS candidates Challa Venkatrami Reddy, Despathi Srinivas, Naveen Kumar The Returning Officer disclosed that only nominations are valid. The deadline for withdrawing nominations of candidates is 4 pm on Thursday. By that time there were only three BRS candidates in the circle, so returning those three members as unanimously elected‌ The official revealed.  

Grandson of Ex-President 

Challa Venkataramireddy is the grandson of Ex-President Neelam Sanjiva Reddy. He started his political career from the level of Sarpanch of Pullur village of Jogulamba Gadwal district. From 2004 to 2009 he worked in Alampur‌ Worked as MLA. He resigned from the Congress in December last year and joined the BRSS. BRS gave chance to Challa Venkatrami Reddy in MLA Kota MLC election. Telangana poet and singer Deshapati Srinivas‌ He was born in 1970 to Deshapati Gopalakrishna Sharma and Bala Saraswati in Munigadapa, Siddipet district. KCR‌ Deshapati Srinivas participated in the meetings and rallies held.  He resigned from his job after the formation of Telangana and is working as CM OSD. 

Naveen has another chance  

Hyderabad‌ Naveen from Kukatpally Kumar was born on 15 May 1978 to Kondal Rao and Thilottama. Naveen‌ Kumar‌ Grandfather Ramachandra Rao previously worked as a minister. Starting with the 2001 Jaladrushya Avirbhasabha, TR‌S‌ Naveen‌ Worked actively.  Haider‌ He built the Sri Venkateswara temple at Nagar at his own expense. In the month of May 2019, MLA won as MLC in Kota. His tenure will end this March. CM KCR recognized Naveen’s services and once again gave him a chance as MLC.


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