Ts Congress: Inappropriate announcements on alliances – Are Telangana Congress seniors doing BRS good?


Ts Congress :   Bharat Rashtra Samithi is the ruling party in Telangana politics. Congress and BJP are trying to defeat that party and take power. BRS‌ If people think that the government should not come again ..if people think that which of these two parties will stand as an alternative‚Ķ..they will vote for that party. This means that the main requirement here is BRS rival status. Substitution category. What are the Congress seniors doing in such situations? Advertisements are being made as alliances with BRS. Who benefits from this? BRS? Congress party?

Are seniors looking for an alliance with BRS?

A few days ago, Komatireddy Venkatareddy spoke about alliances with BRS in Delhi. Everything was done with all the fuss. After that, Thiriga took it easy that his comments were misunderstood. But the discussion has started among the people. Recently senior leader Jana Reddy also spoke the same. It was concluded that there is a possibility of forming alliances with the BRS, which has expressed its support in the issue of Rahul Gandhi. His words caused a stir once again. He covered that he did not say those words in the evening. But the damage was done. But senior leaders are making these comments deliberately. The opinion that they want to take forward the issue of alliance with BRS is being heard within the party. PCC chief Revanth Reddy is fighting like Chao Reo. He is criticizing the government in the TS‌PSC paper leakage case. KTR is being cornered. Revanth Reddy knows that even if KTR made positive comments on the issue of Rahul’s disqualification, even if he shows any soft corner on BRS, fraud will come first. That is why they are raising the fight without caring about national level politics. Going to continue the walk. In such situations, some people are expressing the opinion that the comments of seniors are weakening his struggle. They say that the high command should be restrained from talking about alliances. 

Why talk about alliances after the elections?

Anyway, there are no chances of alliances before the elections in Telangana. Depending on the results of the assembly elections, it will be clear who will join with which party or not. If there is a situation like Hung, Congress and BJP will not meet under any circumstances, so BRS will meet with whomever it wants to meet. BRS may be fighting hard against BJP now… but in politics there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies. That is why it is difficult to predict what will happen after the elections. Depending on the results, the parties will take a decision based on mutual political interests. But the Congress party seniors are making announcements in advance. 

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