TS Congress: Competitive marches in Telangana Congress – is it beneficial for the party? Is it a loss?

TS Congress: Competitive marches in Telangana Congress – is it beneficial for the party?  Is it a loss?

TS Congress  Telangana Congress‌ The pace of marches in the party is increasing. One side has Se Hato Jodo Abhiyaan‌ As part of the trip, ‘Yatra For‌ Change‌’ PCC president Revanth Reddy has been continuing his padayatra since last month. On the other hand, CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka also said that ‘people‌ March‌’ Named Adibalabad‌ District Bhot‌ A march was launched in Pippiri constituency on Thursday.   The party leadership is planning that these two leaders will travel across the state. Congress‌ Sources say.

Party Image Perigela Plans for Padyatras 
Padayatras Mileage for Party‌ As Congress‌ The administration is taking precautions. For that, the trips of these two leaders were made by the party’s in-charge of state affairs. Manik Rao Thackeray is leading the way by making many suggestions. Manik Rao Thackeray also suggested that party seniors should also do yatras in their own constituencies if necessary. Due to this, some leaders continue to travel intermittently here and there. The main reason for this is the establishment of old and new panchayats along with the seniors in the state Congress, and all of them will be checked in this trip. They are in the feeling of falling.  Revavant‌ Reddy  started the padayatra on 6th February. As the first installment of six parliament‌ Constituencies include Warangal, Karimnagar, Peddapally, Nizamabad, Zaheerabad, Medak. Parliament‌ Revanth‌Reddy Plan‌ did However, MPs Uttam Kumar Reddy, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, Damodara Rajanarasimha, MLA Jaggareddy and some other seniors stayed away from Revanth Reddy’s yatra.  

Revanth’s opposition group supports Bhatti’s walk 

 CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka’s walk will also continue in about 40 assembly constituencies. Both in joint Adilabad. The yatra started in the constituency and ends in Khammam district. The yatra will continue in the joint districts of Karimnagar, Warangal, Nalgonda, Rangareddy, Mahbubnagar, Khammam district. All the ranks of the party were present for that. With this, AICC leaders, other states’ Congress‌ Chief Ministers, State Congress‌ Leaders are attending and making sure that meetings are successful. 

The high command does not want to depend on one leader! 

YS Padayatra was brought to power in the union state. But after his death, his son split the party with YS image. Majority of the party leaders are YS&r‌ His son YCP leader Jagan‌ Congress‌ Leaders say. Now the party has a strong cadre at the field level in Telangana. Even though there is the fact that there will be loss due to the laziness between the leaders, the plan is that all the leaders go to the people first. They did. Congress said that CLP leader Bhatti will be fielded as an alternative to Revanth Reddy with the idea of ​​setting up another centre. Sources say. It is said that the leadership is being careful that the mileage coming with the trips of these two leaders will fall into the party’s account. 

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