Top 5 Headlines Today: Telangana MSET results released, Govt good news for AP unemployed

Top 5 Headlines Today: Telangana MSET results released, Govt good news for AP unemployed

AP students in Telangana MSET‌

Telangana MSET results released. Education Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy released the MSET results on Thursday (May 25) at 9.45 am at the Golden Jubilee Seminar Hall of JNTU Campus, Kookaburra. Overall 83 percent pass rate was recorded in MSET results. In this, 80 percent pass was registered in Engineering.. Agriculture & 86 percent passed in pharmacy section. Click for full details

Groups on AP soon‌ Notifications

Government has given good news to the unemployed in AP. To this extent, CM Jagan waved the pachajenga. On Wednesday (May 25) morning, the officials provided details to the Chief Minister about the filling of these posts. Officials revealed that the process of filling up these posts is actively going on as per the orders of the CM. It has been revealed that the details of vacancies have been brought from various departments of the government. Notification‌ He said that the exercise required for issuance is in the final stage. Click for full details

Srilakshmi’s health deteriorated 

Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy’s mother Srilakshmi’s health has deteriorated, Kurnool Vishwabharati Hospital doctors said. Bulletin released. Doctors said that there is progress in Srilakshmi’s health condition. It was said in the health bulletin that the vomiting has reduced. Avinash Reddy’s mother is undergoing treatment at Vishwabharti Hospital since six days. YS Avinash Reddy is also in the hospital. Click for full details

Another turn

Does anyone go to the police station if they have a problem with parking? Will you file a case for kicking traffic cones? Do you give notices? These are the doubts that common people have in the case of young actress Dimple Hayathi vs Traffic DCP, IPS Rahul Hegde BK. Many people have also posted on social media that there is another strong reason behind this case. According to the details given by Dimple Hayati’s lawyer Paul Satyanandan… Rahul Hegde was harsh towards the dumb creatures and if they were subjected to violence they would not let Dimple Hayati, therefore a false case was filed against her. Click for full details

Chandrababu’s announcement on the new Parliament building

Inauguration of the new Parliament building is a matter of pride for the country TDP Leader Click for full details

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