Top 5 Headlines Today: Disagreements rage in Nellore YCP! Changes in Khammam NTR statue, will permission be given?

Top 5 Headlines Today: Disagreements rage in Nellore YCP!  Changes in Khammam NTR statue, will permission be given?

Mass between father and son‌ Warnings‌, Nellore YS‌R‌Congress‌ Fierce differences in the party
Nellore YS&r‌CP politics is on the road. The Babai-Abbai fight, which has been raging for years in Nellore city, is now raging. The attack on a follower of Rup Kumar Yadav and after visiting the victim, he made some scathing comments, created a commotion. MLA Anil also replied sharply. He warned that if he tried, he would pull the skin from top to bottom. There is fear of what is going to happen between father and son more than ever before. 

Anil Kumar Yadav’s political growth is supported by Roop Kumar Yadav who succeeds Babai. Even though Anil was an MLA, he used to fix things as a shadow MLA. Roop was behind Anil in 2014 and Roop worked for Anil’s victory in 2019 elections as well. But recently there have been differences. They were divided into whose faction they were. Never criticize each other directly. Roop Kumar has set up a new party office in Nellore City. The party split into two in Nellore city. Corporators have become a whole category.  Click for full details

Come Monday – CBI notices again for Avinash Reddy!
Ex-minister Vivekananda Reddy murder case is taking unexpected turns . Kadapa MP YS‌ who is accused in this case. Avinash‌ CBI once again issued notices to Reddy. In those notices, it was ordered to come for the hearing on Monday.  Friday Avinash‌ Reddy has to attend the CBI investigation. He also reached Hyderabad for this purpose. But at the last minute the mother was not in good health and did not attend the CBI investigation. Kadapa MP YS‌ Aninash‌ Reddy’s mother  Lakshmamma is continuing treatment in Vishwabharati Hospital for two days. On Friday morning, Lakshmamma fell down. Avinash‌ Instead of going to the CBI office, he went to see his mother on Agamegha. Anantapur district  Ambulance mother Lakshmamma at Dhitturur in Tadipatri Mandal‌ Avinash along with his convoy. He left for Hyderabad. But when Kurnool came to the city, the situation changed drastically.  Click for full details   

Another American company in Hyderabad, jobs for 9 thousand youth!
Another American company is going to be established in Hyderabad. Alliant, a well-known company in the field of banking, financial services and insurance, will set up a new center in Hyderabad. The CEO of that company Dhalwal Jadhav was met by Minister KTR in Houston. The Alliant group, which is known as a leading house in consulting and financial services, will expand the BFSI sector in Hyderabad. Click for full details

Changes in Khammam NTR statue – will permission be granted? Obstacles are encountered. However, the organizers insisted on unveiling the statue under any circumstances, so the organizers made changes in the statue. Lord Krishna’s getup which is dark in blue cloud is being changed to gold color. The peacock feather on the statue was removed. The Vishnuchakra on the back of the crown and the pilana grovi on the hand are being removed. The organizers say that they are making changes to the statue of NTR respecting the objections of the Yadav communities. They say that they will hear this matter in the High Court. They also say that there will be an idol unveiling ceremony on 28th of this month.  Click for full details 

r‌ State proposals for construction of houses in Zone 5 – Will the Center agree?
The State Government is moving fast on the  R‌zone 5‌ in Amaravati. The Supreme Court has ruled that house plots can be given to the poor in other areas in that zone, but they are valid subject to the final judgment of the court. The rights will be registered only after the court’s verdict, but the Center is insisting on not only distributing house plots but also building houses.  It is expected that if house constructions are taken up along with house sites, then the credit will remain with the YSP government regardless of the verdict.  At the end of this month, the stage is being prepared for the distribution of the tracks through the hands of the CM. For this purpose, the authorities are engaged in the work of leveling the places here by spending about Rs.20 crores.  Click for full details

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