Telangana Power: Electricity demand on the rise – Telangana’s all-time record in consumption..!

Telangana Power :  The highest power consumption in the state’s history  was recorded on Tuesday. 14,794 Mega Watts of electricity was consumed till 1 pm on Monday. While the highest electricity consumption was 14,160 mega watts in March last year, this time the record was surpassed in December and the electricity consumption of 14,501 mega watts is the record for the year. Mangala week set a new record with the highest consumption of 14,794 mega watts of electricity.  The CMD of Trans Co announced that it is remarkable that Telangana has registered a record level of electricity demand for the first time since its formation as a separate state.                                 

Estimation that the current consumption has increased due to agricultural work 

 Trans Co officials have estimated that the electricity consumption is increasing due to the increase in cultivated area and the increase in industrial needs in the state. Laying  Tamil Nadu ranks first in the South in terms of total electricity consumption while Telangana ranks second.   37 percent of the total electricity consumption is used in the agricultural sector. Telangana is the state that consumes the most electricity for the agriculture sector in the country. The authorities are making arrangements to supply 24-hour quality electricity regardless of the demand.  More demand for electricity consumption in coming days‌ Trans‌co officials believe that there is a possibility.                               

No matter what the demand is, Trans Co       

Increased cultivated area, industrial requirements are the reasons for the demand. However, the total electricity‌ Officials said that 37 percent of the consumption is for agriculture. It is stated that earlier only 35 percent was used for agriculture. As summer approaches, the demand‌ It is estimated that it has increased to 37 percent. Officials estimate that there has been an increase in the supply of water to crops throughout Telangana, and the use of water for horticultural crops has also increased.                                  

People are assured that there will be no power cuts in summer                                     

 It is known that farmers are cultivating crops depending on bore wells. In this order electricity‌ demand‌ Officials claim that it has increased. The demand in Rabi season is about 16 thousand megawatts. Officials say that there is a possibility of coming. demand‌ Officials say that they will supply quality electricity no matter how much. The government is also adamant that current cuts should not happen in Telangana. 

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