Telangana: High Court green signal for distribution of waste lands, rejection of stake

Telangana: High Court green signal for distribution of waste lands, rejection of stake

TS High Court: Hyderabad‌: The state government has recently taken a decision on the distribution of titles to waste lands, which has been a problem for years in Telangana. While the Telangana government is taking steps to distribute the tracks to waste lands, Forum for Good Governance President Padmanabha Reddy has approached the High Court saying that regularization of waste lands is against the law. The State Supreme Court heard the petition of Forum for Good Governance president on Monday. The High Court refused to grant a stay on the distribution of titles to waste lands. But the court ordered the state government to follow the rules and regulations of the Adivasi Forest Rights Act for the regularization of fallow lands.

Forum for Good Governance is of the opinion that regularization of fallow lands is illegal. The lawyer on their behalf argued the same in the High Court today. The lawyer argued that the government’s memo is against the Supreme Court’s judgment on regularization of these lands. On the other hand, social activist K. Shravan Kumar from Mulugu district has filed an implied petition supporting the Telangana government’s decision to give title deeds to the cultivators. laid Shravan Kumar urged the court not to obstruct the state government and to uphold the granting of fallow land titles to those who are cultivating it. 

The Telangana government thinks that the intention of the Adivasi Forest Rights Act is to provide benefits to the tribals who depend on forests and fallow lands. Arguments were heard in the High Court. After hearing the arguments of the lawyer for Forum for Good Governance, Shravan Kumar, the bench headed by Chief Justice Ujjal Bhuyan refused to grant a stay on the distribution of waste land titles. Adjourned the hearing to June 22. Counter with full details‌ The High Court bench ordered the Telangana government to file.

Lakhs of families in Telangana are living dependent on waste lands. These lands are owned by the government. Adivasis and tribals have been fighting for their rights on that land for many years. In Telangana too there are waste lands in about 10 districts. The government has brought the Haritaharam scheme and is planting saplings in the forest lands. Due to this, the conflict between the forest officials and the tribals of the area continues. It is known that a forest range officer lost his life last year when he went to protect waste lands..

Tragedy in November.. 
Tragedy happened in Bhadradri Kothagudem district. A government official had to lose his life due to the wrath of the villagers. In the wake of the dispute over waste lands, the forest was severely injured after being attacked by migrant hawks. Range‌ Officer Srinivasa Rao died. The details are as follows. Bhadradri Kothagudem District Chandrugonda Mandal Bendalapadu Village Errabodulo Plantation‌ Forest‌ Range‌ Officer Srinivasa Rao reached there with his staff. The Guthikoyas were enraged when the Guthikoyas were warned not to destroy the plants. Patience  lost and suddenly forest range with hunting knives‌ The officer was assaulted. In this incident, Forest‌ Range‌ The officer was seriously injured. He was immediately taken to the primary health center in Chandrugonda by fellow staff members, where he died while undergoing treatment.

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