Telangana Cabinet: Lakhs in accounts if eligible for those schemes – These are the new decisions taken by the Telangana Cabinet!

Telangana Cabinet: Lakhs in accounts if eligible for those schemes – These are the new decisions taken by the Telangana Cabinet!

Telangana Cabinet :  The Telangana Cabinet has announced Rs. Key decisions have been taken in the matter of   schemes giving lakhs.  The ‘Grihalakshmi’ brought the scheme. As part of the scheme, the Cabinet has decided to provide financial assistance at the rate of Rs. 3 lakh to 4 lakh people in the first release across the state. It has been mentioned in the 2018 election manifesto that financial assistance will be given to the poor who have their own land and cannot build houses. But it has not been implemented till now. A decision has been taken to implement it now. Harish Rao explained the Cabinet decisions to the media. Harish Rao said that it has been decided to build houses in 119 constituencies at the rate of 3 thousand per constituency. Madu Lakhs !

To put a total of  43 thousand houses in the state quota … it has been decided in the cabinet to start the process of selection of beneficiaries regarding four lakh houses.  It was decided to take up the construction of houses immediately.   This Rs.3 lakh will be given in three installments.  In each phase, Rs.lakhs will be deposited in the accounts of the beneficiaries.  The terms are simplified so that the beneficiary can build his house as per his choice. Harish Rao announced that this scheme will cost Rs. 12 thousand crores and funds have been allocated to this extent in the budget. All the houses that are granted are given to the women of that house. It has been decided to completely waive the house loans given during the tenure of the last Congress and Telugu Desam.  Harish Rao announced that the government has taken a decision to cancel the debts of nearly Rs.4 thousand crores on the poor.   

Another lakh 30 thousand people are Dalit  Bandhu 

It has also been decided to implement the Dalit Bandhu scheme more actively. The state finance minister Harish Rao has already announced that the units have been handed over to the beneficiaries in many constituencies in the first phase. Cabinet to provide financial assistance to 1.30 lakh families of Dalit Bandhu under the second tranche. The decision was taken. In this regard, CM KCR told the concerned authorities to start the implementation process immediately. ordered. Harish Rao said that in 119 constituencies in Huzurabad, 100 percent of the beneficiaries have been provided… In the remaining 118 constituencies, we have decided to provide Dalit Bandhu to 1,100 people in the second phase.  While 1,29,800 beneficiaries in 118 constituencies will be provided. He informed that they will be handed over to the beneficiaries under the leadership of the secretary.   Harish Rao announced that a total of 1.30 lakh people will be provided.  

Decision for distribution of waste lands 

Also  Distribution of waste land tracts, GIO 58,59, largest in the country Ambedkar‌ Idol unveiling, Kashi, Sabarimala Rs. 25 Crore funds for the establishment of hostels and other issues Cabinet‌ Harish Rao announced that a deep discussion was held and decisions were taken.  In the cabinet meeting which lasted for four and a half hours at Pragati Bhavan under the chairmanship of Chief Minister KCR,  it is known that the notices given by ED to MLC Kavitha were also discussed.  On 10th March at Jantar Mantar, Delhi, MLC Kavitha led the ‘dharna for achieving the Women’s Reservation Bill’ Women Ministers visited Delhi to support the programme. Some other ministers will go.

It seems that the Telangana cabinet has decided to take a legal battle in the Supreme Court against the governor not approving the pending bills passed by the assembly. 


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