TDP 41 Years: Many challenges and crises in 41 years – Will TDP achieve its former glory?

TDP 41 Years :  Telugu Desam Party, which changed the course of union state politics, is celebrating its 41st anniversary. NTR’s party has seen many ups and downs since its inception. If a regional  party loses two times in a row, then that party will go down in history. Many parties have already merged like that. But TDP has lost two times in a row and suffered worst defeats, but it continues to win the favor of the people from time to time and comes to power. From the position of whether TDP will recover from the defeat in 2019, the MLC has proved that they are the hot favorites in the next year’s elections with their electoral victories. Will the 41-year-old TDP regain power? Will it regain its former glory?

Telugu light with the slogan of self-respect ! 

 The emergence of the Telugu Desam Party is a sensation in the political history of the state. The news of the political debut of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, who has cemented an eternal place in the hearts of the Telugu people as Navarasa’s acting sovereign, has caused a new excitement among the people.  Telugudesam is.. a slogan of self-respect. That was the turning point in the history of the Telugu race. Rebellion on Delhi.   The Telugu Desam Party founded by NTR created history.  TDP, which came to power within 9 months of the party’s inception, has brought a unique identity to the Telugu people all over the world. When Anjaiah was the Chief Minister of the Commonwealth, he was humiliated at the airport. Pushing Rajiv Gandhi, who has no position, the Chief Minister created a sensation. With this… NTR started the party with the slogan of Telugu people’s self-respect. Before that, NTR announced that he will work for the people after completing sixty years. As such, TDP was launched on March 29, 1982. At that time, Telugu people did not have a proper identity. Dh   has changed it radically with NTR.. Telugu Desam Party.  He has brought special recognition to Telugu people all over the world. With self-respect… he did politics in Delhi too. Telugudesam, the only regional party that acted as the main opposition.  

Delhi was shaken..! The Badugus have been given state power..!

TDP has provided reservation for the Badugu and weaker sections and brought state power to the castes who were away from the state power till then.  Telugudesam is the one that gave property rights to women. The slogan raised in the name of self-respect of Andhras created tremors in the hearts of Delhi. They roamed the streets of Delhi as a flag of Telugu self-respect. NTR is a person who has earned special recognition for Telugu language and race. Feudal like karanam, munasabu, hated in rural life. Telugudesam has abolished the systems and brought democratic systems closer to the poor and weaker sections. Many were given political opportunities and trained as leaders. Today, if you look at the key leaders in all the political parties in the two Telugu states, their political career starts with the Telugu Desam Party. That’s why many people call TDP a political university. 

Many crises in TDP – but it always comes forward!

There is no crisis that the Telugu Desam Party has not faced. When the party won for the first time, the politics of the Congress party. But it grew as a foundation. Later there were defeats in the elections. The worst defeats came.   Chandrababu came to TDP from NTR. At that time, NTR said that the party he founded would end with him, but..  TDP was still standing strong and fighting, but in the middle of it, TDP was away from power for ten years. The division of the state also took place in the meantime. This is a situation where AP has to be limited. After being in power for five years in AP, there was a terrible defeat in 2019. After four years of hardships, the party has fallen into a rut again. After the MLC’s election victories, the party got excited. Programs are being promoted in Telangana too. 
 TDP’s struggle is aimed at former glory! 
Telugu people who are fed up with one-sided party policies NTR‌ Not only was he given a warm welcome to enter the political arena, but within a few days he was entrusted with the administrative responsibilities of the state with the promise of a possible victory. Now TDP thinks that the situation is worse than that in AP. That is why it is said that we will fight tirelessly. If Chandrababu brings TDP to power in the next election…that party will be a golden chapter in the history of regional parties. 

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