Summer Activity-2023 Announced by Jalmandal MD

Summer Activity-2023 Announced by Jalmandal MD

Hyderabad‌ Jalmandali MD Danakishore said that there is no problem in the supply of fresh water in the metropolitan area as well as in the outer ring road and drinking water is available as per requirement. A review meeting was held with the summer operations, revenue, transmission, O&M officials. >

Danakishore clarified that the water board currently supplies 565 million gallons of water daily.  Another 42  Arrangements are being made to supply million gallons of water, he said. It was explained that appropriate measures are being taken without any problems for the people of the city as well as the villages inside the ORR. He said that arrangements are being made to supply an additional 42 MGD of water by the end of May this summer. It has been revealed that 22 MGD water is being allocated in the city limits and 20 MGD water to the villages inside the ORR. An additional 22 MGD of water is being supplied this month. Out of this, 14 MGD is already being provided.. It is mentioned that another 8 MGD of water will be supplied by the end of the month. He also explained that plans have been prepared to supply additional water of 12 mgd in April and 8 mgd in May. 50 mgd of water for ORR project phase 2: >

Dana Kishore said that arrangements are being made to complete the ORR Phase-2 project by this June. While 20 MGD water is already being given to municipalities, municipal corporations, gram panchayats, colonies and gated communities under ORR, another 30 MGD water will be supplied depending on the requirement, he said. He clarified that by the time the project is completed, a total of 50 MGD of water will be supplied to the people of this region. Jalmandali MD Danakishore suggested to check whether existing bore wells are working properly or not. Officials have been directed to carry out repairs under Annual Maintenance System (AMS) where necessary.


Additional tankers, trips:

&nbsp MD Danakishore for setting up additional tanker filling stations at necessary places. Approved. While there are currently 74 filling stations across the city, it has been revealed that 3 more stations will be set up. Besides, it is suggested to increase the number of tankers and trips as per requirement. Water supply time should be increased depending on the demand in those areas. Alternative arrangements should be made in case of power cuts, motor repairs and other problems in filling stations.


Nazar on polluted water

An appropriate action plan was ordered to be prepared on the preventive measures to be taken against the supply of contaminated water. He also directed to identify the areas where water is being wasted due to the supply of polluted water and take appropriate preventive measures to solve the problem.  Water leakages and sewage overflows should be resolved from time to time. Also man holes‌ It is suggested to remove the sediment from time to time. If manholes are destroyed anywhere, reconstruction should be undertaken immediately, manholes‌ Even if the covers are not visible, they have ordered to install new covers immediately. In view of this, it is suggested to supply water to the mosques through tankers where necessary. They want to see that there are no problems like sewage overflow anywhere. It is mentioned that problems should be solved with special focus on such areas. He said that the division is allocating a mini jetting mission for this purpose. He said that the silt brought out during sewage works should be removed from time to time to ensure that there are no problems.

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