So happy – this is Jupalli’s reaction to BRS’s decision

br‌s‌ Former Minister Jupalli Krishna Rao said that he was very happy to be suspended from the party. He said he was as happy as a bird out of a cage. Jupalli Krishna Rao opined that their fear can be understood from the fact that he was suspended without consulting him and did not answer his questions. Press‌meet‌ CM KCR wants to answer his questions if he dares not to put it. Jupalli Krishna Rao said that he was asking these questions directly. If they thought so, why were they not given the books for membership registration? BR‌S‌, who thought that he was not in the party, now he is suspended. If there is no truth in the allegations made by him, he should fearlessly give answers. If what they say is true, he is ready to admit his mistake. Krishna Rao said that he was suspended because he was afraid of where the party and leader’s gangs would come out. He said that after his suspension, whatever he says, he will be pushed under another party… they will try to devalue it. He said that he was one of the people who sacrificed for Telangana. He recalled that he resigned from the post and joined the movement because of the comments made by the leaders of Andhra Pradesh. He said that he had given his resignation letter to the CM while the Assembly was in session and that he had sacrificed his position for the movement despite all the offers. Before he joined TR‌S&zwnj in 2011, a single MLA from Mahbub‌nagar‌ He said that he has not been since. After his arrival, he has brought good results in the local body elections as well as the assembly elections. He said that Niranjan Reddy is talking forgetting all that. 

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