RGV on Swapnalok Incident: Responding to the Swapnalok incident, RGV tweeted that the climax of the film was shot there.

RGV on Swapnalok Incident: Responding to the Swapnalok incident, RGV tweeted that the climax of the film was shot there.

RGV on Swapnalok Incident: 

Shiva Climax Shoot..

At Swapnalok Complex in Secunderabad‌ Six people died in the fire.  KCR expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. Their families will get Rs. 5 lakh ex gratia was announced. CM KCR ordered the officials to provide better treatment to the injured. In this sequence, film director Ram Gopal Varma tweeted about this incident. He said that it is very sad that this is happening and he remembered the days of Shiva movie. Climax of Siva movie Swapnalok Complex It is said that it is depicted above. He tweeted that the fighting scenes between Nagarjuna and Raghuvaran were shot there. A netizen‌ When the video of the scene was posted…RGV retweeted the video. 


Very sad to see this ..Incidentally the climax fight of Shiva between @iamnagarjuna and #RaghuVaran has been shot on top of this building https://t.co/DMBek9jnZH

— Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) March 17, 2023

This sequence in SHIVA was shot on top of Swapna lok complex which caught fire last night https://t.co/TcaM5YQWS8

— Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) March 17, 2023

Talasani is shocked..

It is sad that all the dead are middle-aged between 20-23, Minister Talasani said. It is believed that the severity of the accident was reduced as the fire personnel and the police were alerted immediately. It is said that six people died of smoke inhalation. Swapna Lok has warned that action will be taken against the building owners. He said strict action will be taken if fire safety measures are not taken properly by godowns and commercial complexes. It has been clarified that if such incidents are repeated, construction permits will not be issued in future. Minister Talasani said that a full investigation will be conducted on this incident. Strict action will be taken against those responsible. A special drive will be conducted to create awareness about fire safety. Home Minister Mahmood Ali expressed shock over the Swapnalok complex incident. He stayed there since the night and checked the rescue operations from time to time. 

Short circuit is the reason

It is basically believed that short circuit is the reason for the fire incident in Swapnalok Complex in Secunderabad. Fire Department DG Nagireddy said. Shops on the 5th and 7th floors of the ever-busy Swapnalok complex were completely gutted in the fire, he said. The DG of the Fire Department disclosed that they received information that the fire broke out at around 7 pm on Thursday. Nagireddy said that after receiving the information, Hutahutina reached the spot and rescued 12 people who were trapped inside the building, but unfortunately six people lost their lives.

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