Revanth Reddy Padayatra : Bhupalapalli Revanth Reddy’s meeting tension – Congress and BRS activists pelted stones at each other

Revanth Reddy Padayatra: TPCC president Revanth Reddy has tension in the meeting. On Tuesday night in Bhupalapalli of Warangal district, BRS activists started agitation while Revanth Reddy was speaking in an open house. Suddenly they rushed towards Revanth Reddy. Stones were thrown at the Congress House. As a result, the police arrested the BRS activists and locked them in a nearby theater. The Congress workers got angry and pelted stones on the theater where the BRS workers were staying. In this attack, the glasses of the theater were destroyed. Amid tensions, Revanth Reddy finished his speech and left the place.   

BRS goons attacked Revantanna with eggs..

BRS goons attacked @revanth_anumula in Bhupalapally yatra.#Telangana

— Aapanna Hastham (@AapannaHastham) February 28, 2023

"They are attacking our workers. Those who have sold out to us are attacking the Congress workers. If you have the guts, you can come, baby,  send someone and pretend here. If I think so, not your theater, not even your houses" Revanth Reddy expressed his anger at the local BRS leaders. 

Flexi controversy 
There is tension between BRS and Congress parties in Bhupalapalli district. The conflict between the BRS and Congress parties has intensified. When the BRS and Congress workers started attacking each other, the police intervened and lathi-charged the workers of both parties to quell the fight. Congress workers organized flexi during Revanth Reddy’s padayatra in Bhupalapalli today. However, the BRS ranks said that TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy was washing the flexi before the flexi set up during the visit of Minister KTR the other day. An argument took place between the two groups. Even after KTR’s visit, Congress leaders are questioning why plexiglass. The situation became tense. A Congress worker climbed the tower at Ambedkar Kudali when Revanth Reddy blocked the cut-out. This made the fight more intense. It went as far as attacking each other. The police were lathi-charged.

Revanth fire on MLA Dharma Reddy in Parakala corner meeting 

  TPCC president Revanth Reddy said that Parakala constituency is a hotbed of struggles. Revanth Reddy said in the public meeting of Parakala of Warangal district… Gadda Parakala has a history of fighting against the exploitation of the rulers. He criticized that brokers and Dandupalayam gangs are robbing such land. He said that there is virtue in the name of the MLA here but he is not in his mind. This MLA  Dandala Reddy is known to everyone. Here all the contracts are alleged to be Dharma Reddy’s. He said that Dharma Reddy’s name is heard in any robbery. He said that the KCR government could not give a double bedroom to the poor and three acres to the Dalits. Revanth Reddy criticized that this government does not care for the poor. And to whom has gone 23 lakh crores, he asked. He said that it happened when Surekha was an MLA. He said that only during the Congress regime, the poor got welfare fruits.  



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