Revanth Reddy: "If KTR is conspiring to loot ORR, they are not helping"

Revanth Reddy: "If KTR is conspiring to loot ORR, they are not helping"

Revanth Reddy: TPCC chief Revanth Reddy alleged that if Minister KTR is trying to loot the Hyderabad Outer Ring Road (ORR) worth one lakh crore, CM KCR, Somesh Kumar and Arvind Kumar are helping him. KTR said that there were irregularities in the 30-year toll contract of the Outer Ring Road, and land worth Rs. 10 thousand crores was allotted to the company. Revanth Reddy asked how a retired chief engineer can sign contracts worth thousands of crores.

Revanth Reddy said that showing the ORR contract, the IRB company sold its 49 percent stake to a Singapore company for thousands of crores. However, the link between the IRB organization, the Singapore organization and the Shell organization should be known. He said that everything that Minister KTR is saying about going abroad in the name of attracting investments is a blatant lie. It is alleged that KTR is visiting UK and USA to invest thousands of crores of rupees earned illegally. 

Where were the kings when KTR went to Britain?

Government said that they are holding necessary meetings during foreign tours. He asked if he could put it out. They demanded that the IRB organization should pay 10 percent to HMDA before Ellundi, otherwise the tender should be canceled immediately as per the rules. Originally asked what is the secret behind this contract. Kishan Reddy,

Revanth’s politics is based on opposition to KCR! 

Revanth Reddy is doing politics strategically. They are calling us to come together to oust KCR first, not to win the Congress.. to get positions. Revanth is trying from that side as everyone is KCR’s victim. Konda Vishweshwar Reddy has been saying that whoever can defeat KCR will join the party. Etala Rajender’s aim is also to defeat KCR. Before Revanth became the chief of PCC, they could not believe that the party would enter the race. But it is believed that the situation has changed after Revanth became PCC chief. With the victory of Congress in the Karnataka elections, there is an opinion that there is a change in the people. At the same time, we have given two chances to KCR.. If the people feel that we should give a chance to the Congress that gave Telangana this time… . Elections are likely to be one-sided. But if people want to have such a feeling, they should believe that Congress is strong and will win. In order to get such a feeling, Riku must grow. That’s why Revanth..

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