Revanth Reddy: Car steering in Asad’s hands, brakes in Modi’s hands: Revanth Reddy

Revanth Reddy: Car steering in Asad’s hands, brakes in Modi’s hands: Revanth Reddy

In a corner meeting held in Armor, Nizamabad district, TPCC chief Revanth Reddy lashed out at the CM KCR government. The MLAs who represented here in the past brought glory to Armour. Congress gave everything to Suresh Reddy.. made him Speaker. But Suresh Reddy criticized Congress for drinking water from KCR’s elbow. Suresh Reddy has made sensational comments that he is living like a slave in Dora Gadi. If there are some people who are trying to destroy the Congress, there are others who killed the Congress workers and became MLAs. Revanth Reddy said that MLA Jeevan Reddy and former MP Kavitha have lost the Nandipet SEZ. By banning beedis, central and state governments hit the stomachs of poor girls. Gutpa and Shriram Sagar built and made the farmers live with self-respect, the Congress party said.
Steering in Asad’s hand, brake, ex-rater in Modi’s hand! Are CM KCR and PM Modi in hand? He asked. South African dictator Edi Amin used to cut people and eat them. MLA Jeevan Reddy Armor ED Amin who drinks human blood. Jeevan Reddy’s brothers should be covered by whoever did the layout. Jeevan Reddy, the great man who brought lime to the Sheikh of Dubai. Revanth Reddy made sensational comments saying that the executioner has killed Satyam.
If KCR is in power who has not given anything to the people. Arvind cheated that he would bring a yellow board to Nizamabad. He said that what happened to Kavita should be done to Arvind. Seeing the guffaws of the Gulf victims here is heart wrenching. Revanth said that Gulf Bima will be taken like Rythu Bima to help Gulf victims. Thus we will provide insurance of Rs.5 lakhs to the families of the workers who died in the Gulf. Revanth said that Congress flag should be raised in Telangana to do all these good works. Indiramma’s kingdom should come. Revanth said that the welfare regime in the state is possible only with Indiramma Rajya.
Revanth visited the SEZ
Revanth Reddy who visited the Lakkampally SEZ in Nandipet mandal before that… and inquired about the details from the concerned staff at the Agro Food Park in the SEZ. In 2008, the UPA government gave permission for Nandipet Smart Agro Food Park. 421 acres of land has been acquired and SEZ has been set up for industries. The 2016 BJP government said that they will set up turmeric, maize and soya bean industries. The government has promised to take forward the establishment of industries fast. A Telangana industrialist came forward but CM KCR was not available. 

‘Revanth said that MLA Jeevan Reddy threatened to give him share without investment. The MLA threatened the Telangana industrialist by obstructing the authority. Although a supervisor should be appointed here from TSIIC, no steps have been taken in that direction.  Nandipet Sej Kalvakuntla has become a victim of corruption. There is no truth in KCR’s loud statements. There is no work going on here. Development is not happening. In order to set up an industry here, MLA Jeevan Reddy has to pay 30 percent cap. Farmers of this region defeat Jeevan Reddy who has become an obstacle to development’ He called.

BJP MP should bring necessary funds from the center and see that industries are set up here. Earlier, MLC Kavitha made a big campaign that Patanjali company was being set up here. But still no industry has been established here, said Revanth. The MP here should talk to Ramdev Baba and work to establish the industry here. KCR should immediately review the establishment of industries here. Revanth demanded to give all kinds of permissions for this. 

JAC of Dalit Praja Sanghas met Revanth Reddy
Joint Action of Dalit Praja Sanghas TPCC President Revanth Reddy who came to Armour for Padayatra The committee met   The leaders explained to Revanth that the government is neglecting the High Power Committee which was formed to prevent atrocities on Dalits and implement welfare schemes. They appealed to him that the SC and ST Atrocities Act has been completely weakened and the eligible people have not been selected in the welfare schemes in a transparent manner. MLAs were made emperors and Dalits were reduced to the level of beggars. He expressed concern that the SC has not implemented the ST sub plan. Leaders that the poor beneficiaries are not getting justice due to bank con cent. Revanth Reddy assured that he will contribute to the fight against the problems. Revanth said that if the draw system is introduced in the implementation of welfare schemes, there will be no corruption. Revanth Reddy has assured that he will support the legal battle against the implementation of the sub plan.

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