Revant Reddy: If the notices are not withdrawn, criminal action will be taken – Revant Reddy’s reply to KTR!

Revant Reddy : Telangana Minister KTR TS‌T PCC Chief Revant Reddy replied to the defamation case notices filed against him in connection with PSC paper leakage. She made it clear that she spoke on behalf of the unemployed. Revanth Reddy questioned that the IT department provides all the technical support to the TSPSC.. Then how can the IT department not be related? He reminded that petitions have already been filed in the High Court for a CBI inquiry into this case. In the letter sent by KTR, Revanth Reddy warned that criminal action would be taken if the notices were not withdrawn. 
TSPSC Paper‌ Leak‌ Revanth Reddy made many accusations against KTR‌ The SIT has also issued notices to Revanth Reddy to provide evidence on this. He appeared before the SIT and gave the details he had. Even after that, Revanth Reddy has been making accusations against KTR.  KTR reacted strongly to them. Legal notices were sent through the lawyer saying that his name was often being dragged into the matter. KTR stated that Revanth Reddy and Bandi Sanjay are making such false allegations with a conspiracy to tarnish his reputation in the public sphere for a long time. As long as they are representatives of the people, it is not appropriate to spread falsehoods against others.                                         

IPC section for Revanth Reddy‌ KTR sent defamation suit notices under Sections 499 and 500. They demanded that both of them retract the false accusations without any evidence within a week and publicly apologize. Minister KTR has warned in the notices that otherwise he will have to face a defamation suit of 100 crore rupees. In the notices, KTR has mentioned the evidences about who and what allegations have been made against him. Revanth Reddy has given a reply to those notices as it has been a week. 

On the other hand, Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay has also issued similar notices. But he did not respond. SIT had also issued notices to him earlier. Bandi Sanjay made it clear that he will not appear even after issuing sit notices twice. Revanth Reddy’s non-response.. Now it is interesting to see what KTR will do next as Revanth Reddy has issued warnings that he will take criminal action if he does not withdraw the notices. 

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