Regular monitoring of details of NIMS IP and OP patients

Regular monitoring of details of NIMS IP and OP patients

Government has decided to bring internal online procedure in Nimes Hospital. An internal online system is being introduced to get information department-wise, OP-wise and in-patient-wise with a single click distance. That is, from the time OP registers, tests are done, the results are received, and the doctor gets treatment. He said that a plan should be made for this. This was stated in the monthly review of NIMS, NNJ hospitals. Harish Rao said that the government hospitals are being strengthened and are providing quality medical services to the people. Harish Rao opined that the people have faith in NIMS and they should work hard to protect it. He said that the decisions taken to ensure that there is no shortage of beds in NIMS Emergency Ward are giving good results. However, it is suggested that the management of emergency beds should be improved. After stabilization, patients should be shifted to the respective wards from time to time and beds should be made available in emergency. Minister Harish Rao said that starting new counters for payment of inpatient and outpatient bills is a good result. Nims Cardiothoracic Surgery Department and Nilofar Pediatric Department in collaboration with UK medical team hailed it as a great thing to conduct heart surgeries for children. They want to plan to provide treatment to those who need it. For those coming from distant places, if possible, OP, consultation, tests and doctor’s medical advice should be completed on the same day. A review OP has been ordered for this.


Otherwise, the officials have been advised to pay special attention to sanitation management and drinking water accommodation in and around the hospital. In view of the upcoming summer, they want to ensure that there are no drinking water problems. Nims wants to ensure that vehicles outside the hospital do not continue to come and go to avoid any inconvenience to the patients. It is suggested to reduce air pollution and sound pollution. The security and fourth class employees in the hospital should help the patients and their attendants.


Minister Harish Rao has suggested that mobile cancer screening should be conducted mostly in the districts. The newly opened modular theaters should be fully operational. He said that a new 300-bed MNJ block will be opened after the completion of the election code.


Minister’s congratulations to Nimes Hospital:


Jan. Minister Harish Rao congratulated the doctors for completing 15 kidney transplant surgeries in a month and taking the reputation of NIMS to the national level. National Organ and Tissue Trans‌ According to the details mentioned on the plantation website, Telangana is number 1 in the country in terms of donors and surgeries by the year 2022. Nims’ efforts are behind this, Jeevananand coordinator Dr. Harish Rao congratulated Swarnalatha, Director of DME, NIMS.


Also, in relation to Ortho Department, 200 people with scoliosis (Guni) problem have been treated by NIMS doctors in the last 3 years. He said that doing about 80 surgeries is a great thing. Minister congratulated the medical team. Nims and MNJ hospitals should pay special attention in the matter of research. Harish Rao said that the government will provide full support for that.

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