Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy: Saru’s true nature was known only then, why blame me? – Ponguleti

He was reacting to the suspension of former MP Ponguleti Srinivas by the BRS president. He recalled that he was the President of Telangana YSR CP when he joined BRS. He said that he survived even if he faced financial difficulties and insults in the party. He said that even if he was not given the MP ticket, he was still for KTR. Do you know who is the reason for Khammam’s defeat in 2018? He asked. He asked if he ever discussed the problems in Khammam with him. He asked what is the point of putting all the blame on them and blaming him. He said that during the Paleru by-election, pressure was put on him to win and KTR contacted him many times for that. He also reminded that the CM had promised to provide an appropriate position in the TRS party. He said that he believed the CM’s words and joined the TRS party. He reminded that he had won the Paleru by-election with a huge majority.

However, Ponguleti said that fellow MPs used to say that in six months you will know about our sir and see his real form. He said that the real nature of the CM was understood in the fifth month instead of six months. He criticized the BRS leadership for not being able to bear it as thousands of people flocked to his son’s wedding recently. 

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