Peddapalli Crime: Police who solved the case of rowdy sheeter Suman’s murder, murder with old friends!

Peddapalli Crime: Police who solved the case of rowdy sheeter Suman’s murder, murder with old friends!

Peddapalli Crime : Seven accused have been arrested in the case of Manthani Suman, a rowdy sheeter who was brutally murdered on the night of January 29 in Godavarikhani town square of Peddapalli district   DCP Vaibhav Gaikwad said.  Knives used for murder, auto, cell phones and accessories were seized from the accused. To this extent, in a media conference organized at Godavarikhani One Town Police Station, Peddapalli DCP Vaibhav Gaikwad revealed the details of the murder.

What actually happened?

Godavarikhani Ambedkar Nagar Manthani Suman, a rowdy sheeter from Hanuman Nagar, was the prime accused in the murder case four years ago. The deceased’s brother Chandrasekhar and some others who took notice of this incident hatched a plan. They tried to kill Suman many times and failed. Finally, around 8:30 pm on January 29, Suman was brutally attacked and killed with knives in the middle of the crowd at Godavarikhani Square. In this incident rowdy sheeter Chandrasekhar along with his family members along with some old criminals hatched a murder plot. According to the plan, Manthani killed Suman. The DCP said that the accused have been arrested and remanded. They said that they are investigating this incident from different angles.

Seven people arrested

Manthani Suman, a rowdy sheeter, was killed on Sunday night at Gandhi Square in Godavarikhani town of Peddapally district. Police arrested seven people in this case on Wednesday. The accused are D. Chandrasekhar (37), V. Naveen (23), M. Srinu (32), M. Swaroop (30), G. Ajay Kumar (23), G. Shashi (23), B. Anand (45). The police arrested them. Speaking to the media at One Town Police Station in Godavarikhani, DCP Vaibhav Gaikwad said that a special team has investigated the case. Rowdysheeter Mathani Suman‌ He said that seven people who were killed have been arrested. The main accused Chandrasekhar is hiding in a house in 5 Incline Colony. Police raided and arrested him. Chandrasekhar gave the details of the murder. Based on the details given by the accused, the police arrested three persons named Naveen, Srinu and Swaroop in 8 Incline Colony and Ajay, Shashi and Anand from Anand’s house in Ramagundam. Police seized three knives, an auto, a blood-stained shirt, belongings belonging to the main accused Chandrasekhar and five mobile phones from their possession. The police said that the accused have confessed to the murder with their elders. The police said that Suman was the prime suspect in a murder case that took place four years ago. 

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