Nizamabad Politics: Will MLC Kavita contest in next election? Assembly? BRS leaders are excited

Nizamabad Politics: Will MLC Kavita contest in next election?  Assembly?  BRS leaders are excited

MLC Kavitha is the big direction of BRS party in Nizamabad district. Under her leadership, the TRS party got good results in the last two elections as well as local body elections in the district. MLC Kavitha played a key role in the 2018 elections. BRS party ranks say that Kavitha has worked hard to get good results. Kavitha reduced her visit to the district due to allegations of liquor scam. Recently, Kavitha’s tours in the Parliament area are currently filling the BRS party with enthusiasm. The cadre is excited with the recent trip to Jagityal and Nizamabad. Nizamabad District

Whether Kavitha will contest as MP or MLA in the upcoming elections is going strong in the BRS circle of Annacharcha district. Meanwhile, there was a campaign that Kavitha would contest from the Assembly. But recently Kavita has participated in the Atmiya Sammelanam program held in Jagitiyala… and there is a discussion that she will contest as an MP again as Kavita has participated in many programs in Nizamabad. However, Arvind, who won as MP in the last election with the promise of Yellow Board, did not fulfill that promise. On what happened to Aravind’s promise, recently in the district yellow plaxis were displayed saying what happened to the yellow board.

Kavitha’s votes did not decrease at all in the last election. The same thing happened in the 2014 Parliament elections and also happened in the last Parliament elections. But 175 people contested for Nizamabad MP seat. More than 150 farmers competed for the yellow board. Due to this some votes were minus for Kavitha. There is an argument that Congress candidate Madhuyashki could not care less. Some

Kavitha did many programs in Nizamabad district when she was an MP. It is said that Lakkampally SEZ companies were brought to Lakkampally because Kavitha was instrumental in providing finchan to beedi workers, providing battery vehicles to disabled people from central funds and increasing the salaries of Asha workers. Kavitha has worked hard for Yellow Board. The poem is well received by women. In this situation, the campaign that Kavitha will contest for Parliament again in the next election is going strong. Kavita also challenged MP Arvind. MLC Kavitha said in the press meet that Arvind will be chased and defeated wherever he competes. On the other hand, there is a feeling among turmeric farmers of Armur, Balkonda, Korutla and Jagityal constituencies that MP Arvind has failed in fulfilling the promise of turmeric board. In this order, there is a campaign that the people of those constituencies are now leaning towards Kavitha again. 

It seems that CM KCR wants to use the role of MLC Kavita in the country’s politics as the TRS party entered the country’s politics as BRS. Kavitha has experience as an MP in the past. Kavitha has good relations with various party leaders. With this CM

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