Nizamabad News: DS for own house? Nizamabad Congress will bring the spirit again!

Nizamabad News: DS for own house?  Nizamabad Congress will bring the spirit again!
Dharmapuri Srinivas (DS) is the number 2 leader in the United Andhra Pradesh Congress. DS is known as the leader who turned the wheel in state politics. District Congress leaders used to mention that DS narrowly missed the CM’s chair. There are times when Swayana’s late CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy praised DS saying that if he had just a phone, he would be a master in fixing politics. The Congress party came to power when DS served as PCC chief twice in the united state.
There is a loud discussion in the circles that DS has got the green signal to join the Congress party. DS, who has been in a dilemma so far, met Sonia Gandhi in the past which led to a political debate. After the meeting with Sonia, it became clear that DS will join the campaign. It seems that the stage is set for Hastam to join the party. D. Srinivas, who previously resided in Delhi  The discussions held with the top leaders of the party to join the Congress are fruitful.  It is said that it is certain that he will return to Sontaguti after discussions with the top leader of Congress party Sonia Gandhi. 
It is not yet clear when DS will join the Congress. There is a rumor that the date for Ugadi has been fixed. If the Congress party is to come back to power in the state, the leadership feels that the party needs seniors like DS in the current situation. Belonging to the BC community, DS has a good understanding of state politics. The Congress leadership is thinking that if DS joins the party, other senior leaders who left the party will also return to their home. There is not much time for elections. In this order, Delhi elders are trying to get the seniors who left the Congress back into the party. 
The result of DS’s talks with Sonia Gandhi.. It seems that DS’s eldest son D. Sanjay will join the Congress party first. Former Mayor Sanjay continued in BRS along with his father. But Sanjay used to stay away from party functions. There was a campaign that Sanjay did not follow the word of his father but continued in the BRS party even though he didn’t like it. It is being discussed that Sanjay will wear the scarf of the Congress party.
Nizamabad district was once a bastion of Congress party. Senior leaders like DS, former minister Sudarshan Reddy and Shabbir Ali led the district Congress party. He played a big role for DS District Congress. So the leaders of that party think that it will be good for DS to join the Congress party.
TPCC chief Revanth also expressed his opinion in a chit chat with the media during the padayatra in Nizamabad district that the inclusion of DS is within the purview of Sonia Gandhi. Revanth said that if leaders come who are good for the party, even if no one opposes them, they will be satisfied. After all, DS will join the Congress,  The district leaders of the party believe that DS’s eldest son Sanjay will contest as an MLA from Congress. 

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