Naveen Murder Case : Where are the phones of Naveen and Hariharkrishna? Is anyone else behind the murder? Investigation in the sense of

Naveen Murder Case : Naveen‌ Petition in Rangareddy Court to send Harihara Krishna, the accused in the murder case, to 8 days police custody‌ Filed. The Ranga Reddy court adjourned the hearing on this petition to Wednesday. Naveen‌ The police stated in the petition that they should examine the place of the murder along with the accused. Also is there anyone else behind this murder? He said that it should be investigated in this sense. Naveen‌ The police said that Harihara Krishna, who broke the phone, dropped it on the side of the outer ring road, and it is to be found somewhere. The police said in the petition that the phone of the accused Harihara Krishna should also be seized. He said that Harihara Krishna should be questioned about where he hid the phone. The court is likely to take a decision on the police custody petition after arguments on Wednesday.

Police questioned Harihara Krishna’s friend 

Harihara Krishna’s friend Hasan, the accused in the Naveen murder case, has been questioned by the police. inquired. Harihara Krishna said that after the murder, he went to his friend Hasan’s house. The police asked Hasan what Harihara Krishna did after the murder. Hasan‌ Hariharakrishna went home. Hasan‌ Hariharakrishna dressed up. When asked about the blood stains, Hasan said that Hariharkrishna had killed  Naveen‌ He told the police. Hasan gave a statement that Harihara Krishna told him that he killed Naveen because he was obstructing his love.    

Sensations in the remand report

The incident of brutally murdering a friend who was close to his lover became a sensation in Hyderabad recently. Sensational things have come to light in Naveen’s murder remand reporter. Police said that Harihara Krishna has confessed to killing Naveen because he was obstructing his love. It was revealed that the sketch of the murder was made three months ago. Harihara Krishna bought a knife in Malak Pate supermarket two months ago. On the 17th of this month, Naveen committed the murder according to a well-planned plan. Before the murder, Naveen and Harihara Krishna drank alcohol in the large Amber Pate Wines. A clash arose between the two regarding the young woman who was under the influence of alcohol. Harihara Krishna killed Naveen by slitting his throat in Nirmanushya area near ORR. He then cut the body into parts with a knife. Harihara Krishna put his head, fingers and other body parts in a bag and left. Harihara Krishna is the accused who dropped the bag at the construction site of Brahmana Palli. 

He returned and collected the body parts and cremated them 

"Afterwards, Hariharakrishna went to his friend Hasan’s house next door. After taking a bath and changing his clothes, Hasan told about the murder. The accused also told about the murder to the girlfriend of the next complainant. After that he escaped to Warangal, Kodada, Khammam and Visakhapatnam. He returned to Hyderabad on 24th of this month and went to the killing spot. He collected the body parts and cremated them. He surrendered to the police on 24th evening." The police stated in the remand report. 

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