Naveen Murder Case: Naveen’s murder happened from morning to night..!

Naveen Murder Case: Naveen’s murder happened from morning to night..!

Naveen Murder Case: Hariharakrishna gave full details about what happened that day in the case of Naveen murder which created a sensation across the country. Also, how he behaved with his family members and friends, the police said about the things like where he went with Naveen and what he did throughout the day. He disclosed the complete details like how he betrayed his friend who believed in him. He made it clear how cruel and why he did it. 

What happened on the day of the murder..?

On February 17th at 9 am, Naveen called Hariharikrishna in Hyderabad. He said that he was coming to Before meeting him, Harihara called another friend in the city. Both went to Uppal together at 10.45 am. There they watched a Hollywood movie in a theater in a mall. At the same time i.e. at 1 pm Hariharkrishna received a call from Naveen. He informed that he was in LB Nagar. The two friends went to LB Nagar together and brought Naveen to Nagol. The three had lunch together in the restaurant. Later Harihara took Naveen and reached his sister’s house in Musarambagh. While the two were talking… Harihara Krishna got a call from a friend. She asked for help in buying a new phone. So Naveen went to the mobile shop in Chaitanyapuri at 5 pm. The said friend requested more money to buy a phone. 

With this Naveen went to a mobile shop in Chaitanyapuri at 5 pm. When the said friend asked for some more money to buy a phone, she took a loan of Rs. 14 thousand in Paytm Postpaid and Rs. 4 thousand in the loan app. A total of Rs.30 thousand expensive phone‌ The friend went to buy it. After that, Naveen and Hariharakrishna went home. Naveen said that he will go to MG University from there. Harihar Krishna said that he will drop him in the hostel. In this order, he took along a bag containing a knife and gloves. Both of them left the house together at 9 o’clock in the night. Pedda Amber reached Tirumala Wines in Peta and had a drink with Naveen there. Crossed the Outer Ring Road at 11.30 pm. On the way, Naveen gives him a phone to talk to the young lady he loves. Later, he took her to a nearby deserted area saying that he would tell her a secret about the young lady. In this order, he strangled his friend and then separated his body parts. 

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