Nalgonda Crime News: Parents beat to death youth who had been harassing their daughter for six months

Nalgonda Crime News: Parents beat to death youth who had been harassing their daughter for six months

Nalgonda Crime News: A girl studying in the first year of intermediate is being chased by a young man of the same age. When the girl’s parents came to know about it, they once again warned their daughter not to follow her. Even after that, they were harassing her and filed a complaint with Sheetim. But he didn’t care about anything and came directly to their house for the girl. Seeing that, the family members were furious. The young man was beaten at will. He could not withstand the blows and died. The police have registered a case and are investigating. 

What actually happened?

An atrocity took place in Nalgonda district on Thursday. An 18-year-old girl named Gayatri from Koppolu of Gurrampodu mandal is studying inter in Nalgonda. 18-year-old Boddu Santosh of Duginelli village in Kattanguru mandal is studying intermediate in Nakirekal. Since six months ago, Santhosh and Gayatri were being chased by the girl’s parents who complained to the sheet. With this, the team police gave counseling to Santosh in Nalgonda. However, he ignored it. On Thursday, he took two friends and came to Koppolu village. Gayatri’s grandmother, who was outside on the street, noticed this when she came home for the young lady. Soon it was timed outside. His friends who came with him ran away. Gayathri’s father, Yadaya, who came soon, attacked Santosh with sticks along with family members. Santhosh died on the spot after being hit at will. However, after receiving the information from the locals, SSI Shiva Prasad rushed to the spot with his staff. A case has been registered and investigation is underway. Also the body was shifted to Nalgonda Government Hospital for postmortem.

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Recently a similar incident happened in Manchiryal district..!

Jaipur mandal of Manchiryal district Seeing the murder in Indaram, the people were suddenly frightened. A man was brutally attacked and killed by some people while the whole village was watching. All this was shot by the people there. A man named Muske Mahesh was riding a bike when the attack took place. The four men attacked the petrol station. Attacked before. Then he was strangled. Realizing that there was still life on it, they brought a big stone and put it on his head. Unless all the people there were shooting their mobiles, no one had the idea to go together and stop the attack. They stood watching the attack as if they were watching some kind of movie shooting. 

If we consider why the actual attack took place.. Mahesh is having a love affair with a young woman from Indaram village. This love failed without getting married. In the meantime, the young lady got married to another person. Mahesh, who could not digest the fact that he was married to the young lady he loved, used to call her often. Sends messages. Realizing this, the girl’s relatives gave a warning to Mahesh. But there was no change in him. Finally got fed up and killed. 

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