Mulugu Crime News: A young woman killed a young man after being sexually assaulted

Mulugu Crime News: A young woman killed a young man after being sexually assaulted

Mulugu Crime News: As there are no grandparents, elder sister, she is living with her grandmother. Time passes by working as a laborer for a living. But a young man who found out that the young woman was alone, went to her house in the middle of the night.  He harassed her for sexual desire. The young woman, who did not know what to do, attacked her with a knife.. The young man lost his life. 

What actually happened..?

Erellawada, third ward, Eturu Nagaram, Mulugu district. A young girl named Jadi Sangeeta lives with her grandmother. She has no parents or siblings. In this order, time is passing by working as an agricultural labourer. But Patikella Rantenki Srinivas of the same town was already married. But due to selfishness, his wife and children left him. So now he is alone. He would often go to Sangeet’s house at night drunk and harass her by knocking on the door. Forced to satisfy sexual desire. It was unbearable music.. She filed a complaint with the police a few months ago. The police registered a case and arrested the accused and sent him to jail. After coming out on bail, Srinivas became angry with Sangeeta. Recently, he went to Sangeetha’s house after drinking alcohol at midnight on Wednesday. Nana made a fuss about forcing him to satisfy his sexual desire. As this happens every day.. Sangeeta got angry.. Srinivas tied his hands and stabbed him to death. Later, at 2 o’clock in the night, she went to the police station and surrendered. Police reached the spot and investigated. Srinivas’ body was taken to the government hospital for postmortem. SSI D that the case is being investigated. Ramesh said. 

 The son who killed his grandfather for land

Chandrappa and Ratnam are brothers from Bardhipur village of Jharasangam mandal of Sangareddy district. They have agricultural land inherited from their grandfathers. However, there has been a land dispute between the two for the last few years. It was during this time that Ratnam’s son Rakesh grew extremely angry with his elder father. He thought that if they get rid of him, they will get all the land.. there will be no problem. He immediately made a plan for this. He went first and stopped on the road where Chandrappa was coming. On Tuesday afternoon, while Chandrappa was coming back from the agricultural field…Ratnam’s son Rakesh, who was lying in the middle of the Kuppanagar-Elgoi road in the suburbs of Bardhipur, attacked him with a knife. Without even looking at the elder father, he chopped and killed him. Then he separated the head and torso. 

He threw the head on the roadside and the torso somewhere else in the suburbs of Jharasangam. Later, it is reported that the accused Rakesh Yeh went straight and surrendered to the police. To this extent, Jharasangam and Hadnoor Sleuths Rajender Reddy and Vinay Kumar, who reached the spot, took up the investigation. Motorcycle, water bottle and cell phone of the deceased were recovered from the place of murder. Zaheerabad Rural CI Nomula Venkatesh said that Ratnam’s son killed his grandfather Chandrappa due to a land dispute. Currently, the police have registered a case and are investigating.

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