MP Laxman: If Rs 20 was reduced in BJP-ruled areas, KCR did not reduce even Rs 5: MP Laxman

MP Laxman: Rajya Sabha Member Laxman said that the Chief Minister of Telangana state KCR now has a lot of love for the people… this is because it is an election year. He said that no matter how many efforts are made and no matter how many words are spoken, BRS will definitely lose in the next elections. On the occasion of Sri Ram Navami festival, BJP MP Laxman Eddeva said that CM KCR is not even able to present silk clothes to Sitarams on behalf of the government. He was fired saying that he was the only Chief Minister in history who did not offer clothes to Swami. He accused the BRS government of reducing the tax of petrol and diesel by more than Rs.20 in BJP-ruled areas, but at least Rs.5 in Telangana. He also said that they are trying to misrepresent the central government.

Development works with 20 thousand crores on 8th of this month

MP Laxman criticized that BRS will develop love for farmers, Dalits and people only when elections come. . KCR has changed TRS to BRS like a chameleon has changed its color. Laxman said that no matter how many cunning efforts are made, defeat is inevitable. He said that since it is an election year, they are showing immense love to the farmers. He said that the dreams of KCR’s family will remain as ashes. On the 8th of this month, Prime Minister Modi is inaugurating development works in Telangana with a cost of Rs.20 thousand crores. Today, the countries of the world are also looking towards Prime Minister Modi for the solution of the problems. He said that the movement is cheating the cars. He also alleged that the BCs in Telangana are not getting proper placement. He explained that the Congress and TRS parties have cheated the BCs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi alone has given reservation to the BCs along with the posts for which they have been allotted appropriate positions. He alleged that Telangana, which is a rich state, was made into debt by the Chief Minister KCR’s family. He criticized that the name of the TRS party was changed to BRS in order to continue the family rule on the same path. MP Laxman explained that people are dissatisfied with Chief Minister KCR’s rule as destroyers are of extreme intellect. Deema expressed that the Bharatiya Janata Party will win with an overwhelming majority whenever elections are held in Telangana state. Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested that the OBC Morcha leaders should take the welfare schemes implemented in the state to the people. He urged every worker to work hard for the victory of Bharatiya Janata Party in Telangana state. Rajya Sabha member Laxman challenged CM KCR to win the next election if he has guts.

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