Modi should be given an Oscar for trusting and cheating – KTR satires in Jukkal

Modi should be given an Oscar for trusting and cheating – KTR satires in Jukkal

Minister KTR inaugurated Nizam Sagar Bridge in Kamareddy district. Nizamsaga‌r – On the Manjira road in Pitlam Road, the new road is Rs. The bridge was constructed at a cost of 25 crores. With this bridge Telangana and Karnataka states. Commuting between is smooth. Pitlam, Bichkunda, Madnoor, Karnataka, Narayankhed, Sangareddy, Zaheerabad. To go to the national highway, the direction is the bridge over Manjira river. But that bridge was built about a hundred years ago. Now it is in ruins. That is why a new bridge was built next to the old bridge at a cost of Rs.25 crores. The dilapidated old bridge collapsed less than six months ago. With this, Minister KTR has started fresh traffic from the newly constructed bridge.

On the other hand, the government has launched the Nagamadugu Upliftment Scheme with the aim of providing irrigation to 40 thousand acres in four mandals. This lift scheme which is currently under construction was launched by  Minister KTR‌ Dedicated to farmers. Later, in a public meeting organized in Jukkal, KTR opened fire on BJP.

KTR questioned whether the schemes being implemented in Jukkal are in neighboring Karnataka and Maharashtra. 486 crores have been given to Jukkal constituency by Rythu Bandhu! He said that 65 lakh farmer families across the state are benefiting from Rythu Bandhu. He called on people to ask how the electricity and irrigation sectors are in neighboring states. He made it clear that Nizamsagar has been given life with the upliftment of Kaleswaram. KTR said that they have brought water from Godavari to Manjira, if there is electricity under Congress rule, it is news if there is no electricity under KCR rule. He promised to convert Bichkunda and Pitlam mandals into municipalities. He said that priority has been given to caste workers and employment has been provided by providing funds. KTR said that thousands of gurukula schools have been established and are providing quality education. He criticized Revanth Reddy as saying injustice had been done to Telangana. He asked what he would have done after ruling for 50 years if given 10 chances. He complained that they are not capable of governing and now they are asking to be given one chance.

Minister KTR criticized Modi for giving an Oscar award for lying and cheating. All the wealth of the country is being deposited in Dostu’s account and they are buying the opposition. What happened to 2 crore jobs? KTR said that now they have put on a white face that they will bring black money, and they have called for the deposit to be lost to the BJP in the next election. He made it clear that Telangana’s Shani is the BJP and Modi will not be afraid of EDs. They challenged that anything will be resolved in the public domain. He called to save KCR and make him CM for the third time.



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