Mlc Kavitha Letter : We have lost a best doctor, Mlc Kavitha’s letter to Preeti’s parents

Mlc Kavitha Letter : BRS MLC Kavitha wrote a letter to Warangal medical student Preeti’s parents. He said that he was shocked when he learned that his sister Dr. Preeti had passed away. Kavitha said in the letter that when I came to know about this matter, I was in great agony as a mother. The letter stated that I am one of the crores of people who have been wishing for Preeti’s recovery for three days. Preeti, who is studying PG medical education after enduring many hardships, said that she is unable to digest that this is happening. He said that it is unfortunate that this happened to Preeti, who had the desire and perseverance to study and serve the society. The letter says that society has lost an excellent doctor. Kavitha said that I am sorry for that. He said that no matter how much we try to give comfort to you who are suffering from the heartache due to the death of your youngest child, it will be very little. This is a situation that no parent should ever have to face. 

My letter to Dr. Preeti’s parents

— Kavitha Kalvakuntla (@RaoKavitha) February 28, 2023

Government Stands By-Poem 

"Your family will be supported by the BRS government and BRS leaders. The state government will work hard to support your family in all ways. I assure you that the state government will not spare the culprits responsible for Preeti’s death. The state government will take strict action to ensure that such incidents do not recur. The people of the entire state are with you. I pray that God gives you courage in such a difficult time. Deepest condolences to your family members, wishing Preeti’s soul to rest in peace" Kavitha said in the letter. 

Saif, Sanjay should not be spared by anyone- KTR 

Minister KTR on the topic of PG student Dr. Preeti who committed suicide in Warangal Kakatiya Medical College. responded. Addressing BJP state president Bandi Sanjay, it is not appropriate to politicize the matter. He visited Hanmakonda district on Monday and spoke in an open meeting. Talking about various topics.. Preeti also mentioned. It has been announced that her death is very sad and the government and the BRS party express their deepest condolences to the family. He assured that the government and the party will support Preeti’s family in all possible ways. KTR concluded that he will not let the accused go no matter who they are. He warned that Saif and Sanjay will not let go of the cause of the incident. He said it is very sad that Dr. Preeti died due to ragging in the college. 

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