Medchal Crime News: Five accused arrested in Dundigal finance businessman’s murder case

Medchal Crime News: Five accused arrested in Dundigal finance businessman’s murder case

Medchal Crime News: The police have investigated the murder case of a finance trader in Dundigal of Medchal Malkaz Giri district. Five accused who killed Venkatesh Goud have been arrested. The police explained that the murder took place in a minor brawl under the influence of alcohol. The main accused MD Majeed Khan, his childhood friend Mudasser Ahmed, their accomplices Baba Khan, Asadullah Khan and Rizwan Ali were detained. Along with 2 knives used in the murder, a bike and 5 mobile phones were recovered from the five accused. Dundigal police have taken the accused to remand.

Strong attempt to destroy evidence

Police have found that Majeed Khan has been active since childhood and is already an accused in the theft case in Bachupalli area. . Police confirmed that Majeed Khan and Ahmed Ley had murdered finance businessman Venkatesh Goud. The police found that Majeed Khan’s father Baba Khan worked hard to get both of them out of this case. The police said that Asadullah Khan and Rizwan Ali were taken to the scene of the murder as evidence was not found and they burnt the evidence. Two friends. On the evening of 7th of this month, liquor was bought and drunk near Dommarapocham Palli pond. Venkatesh Goud, who was killed in the same order, warned them not to drink alcohol in that area. Enraged by this, Majeed Khan and Madasser Ahmed attacked Venkatesh Goud indiscriminately with two knives and ran away. Venkatesh Goud died on the spot in this attack. Medical ACP Venkat Reddy said that the case was cracked with the evidence of beers, sandals and a knife, as well as nearby CCTV footage and the number of the bike used by the accused. p>Atrocity happened in Visakhapatnam beach. He wanted to kill the girl he loved because she was having sex with another young man. He told me to come to the beach.. He killed me by strangulation at midnight. Later he went to the police station and surrendered. Sravani and Gopal from Visakhapatnam are in love for some time now. But both of them used to go around doing bad things. In this sequence, Shravani is talking to another boy. Gopal couldn’t stomach Shravani’s flirtation with him. He felt that she was cheating on him by saying that she loved him and going around with another young man. He wanted to seduce such a girl no matter what. At this time, he planned to kill her. He told me to come to Gokul Park Beach late on Friday night. After talking to her for a while, he suddenly strangled her. After confirming that she was dead, Gopal went straight to the Gajuwaka police station and surrendered before the police. Police have registered a case and are investigating.

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