Medaram Mini Jathara 2023: Grand second day of Sammakka, Saralamma Mini Jathara!

Medaram Mini Jathara 2023: Grand second day of Sammakka, Saralamma Mini Jathara!

Medaram Mini Jathara 2023: The second day of the Sammakka Saralamma Adivasi Tribal Jathara in Medaram, Tadwai mandal of Mulugu district saw a rush of devotees. On the second day of the fair, which started with the Manda Milige festival on Wednesday, tribal priests performed special pujas to Ammavars on falcons amid culture and traditions, Ammavars on hawks amidst drums and instruments. Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jatara is held once in two years. The tribal priests perform special pooja to Ammawars in the name of the seven mini fairs that come in between. A large number of devotees from other states like Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra attend this fair and visit Ammavar. The second day of Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jatara, which is the worship of tribal deities, will continue with grandeur on Thursday. The Sammakka priests cleaned the Sammakka temple in Medaram with devotion.  

Second day of the fair at Gaddela  special pooja

Second day of Mini Medaram fair Thursday tribal priests (Vaddela) at Sammakka, Saralamma Gaddela   Special worship was done. Early in the morning, the women cleaned the porch of their house and reached the fields of Saralamma with yellow saffron, new saree and saree. Along with the priests who were there, they decorated the beds beautifully and performed pujas. Later, the puja materials belonging to Sammakka and Saralamma were taken back with drum instruments, Sannai Melas and kept in the temples and locked. A large number of devotees attended the second day of the mini fair on Thursday. Mokkulu was offered along with the children. On Wednesday night, tribal priests who kept vigil at Gaddela in Medaram performed secret prayers till dawn. There Sammakka and Saralamma were sacrificed according to the traditions of the tribal tribes. The pujas were conducted under the leadership of the president of the Pujaru Sangam Siddaboina Jaggarao Sammakka Pujars Kokkera Krishnaiah, Saralamma Pujaru Kaka Saraiyya and other tribal priests. On this occasion, the villagers of Medaram and Kannepally sacrificed chickens and goats and offered them to Ammavar. On the occasion of Mandamelige festival, the devotees who came to Medaram presented new sarees to the Ammavars. Attabellam presented. Look at Sallanga.. Sammakka Talli said.. they cried. Both children and adults offered turbans.

The specialty of Meni Jatara…

In the Medaram adivasi tribal nymphs Sammakka and Saralamma Jatara held every two years on the full moon day of Magashuddha. The area around Medaram used to be filled with devotees. But in recent times, once a year mini Medaram Jatara is conducted by the tribal priests to worship Amma Varlu. This Jatara begins with Manda Melige festival and it is customary to clean the Ammavars’ fields and perform special pujas. On the second day, the priests performed special pujas at Sammakka Gaddala and Medaram was filled with devotees from different places. Devotees who have come to Medaram from different places perform holy position in Jampanna river and present sarees and sarees with yellow saffron to Ammavars and pray to them saying “Look cool mother”. Devotees who performed special pooja to Sammakka, Saralamma,   Govinda Raju, and Pagidda Raju are preparing chickens in front of them. On Wednesday, special pujas were performed at Saralamma Pagiddaraju Govindarajulu Gaddela and on Thursday, priests and devotees performed special pooja at Sammakka Gaddela. Devotees who come to this mini fair pay offerings of coconut with yellow saffron in Jampanna river and present gold (jaggery) sarees and sarees to Amma at Ammavarla Gadda.

As the authorities in Jampanna vagu release water as well as arrange a battery of tabs around the vagu, the devotees who come to the fair are splashing under the battery of tabs and the Jampanna vagu is overflowing with flowers. The fair started with special worship to Saralamma on Wednesday and officials estimated that more than one lakh Chiluku devotees attended the fair. Devotees poured in on the second day of the Medaram Sammakka, Saralamma fair, which was measured in the thick forest in the lap of nature without temples and huts. The authorities have completed all the arrangements for the convenience of the devotees for this four-day fair.

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