Maharashtra BRS: Ongoing recruitment festival in Maharashtra BRS

– The festival of ongoing inductions in Maharashtra BRS. 

NCP State Secretary Pradeep Salunkhe wearing a pink scarf in the presence of CM KCR, Vijay Thombare, husband of former MLA Sangeeta V Thombare and others.

The festival of joining the Bharata Rashtra Samithi (BRS) continues. The number of people joining the BRS party is increasing day by day with the leaders and prominent people of various parties who are attracted by the policies of BRS. In this background, Maharashtra’s senior politicians, former MLA and BRS leader Sankarna Dhonge led many senior politicians, former MLAs and celebrities from Maharashtra joined the BRS party wearing pink scarves in the presence of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao in Hyderabad on Monday. 

NCP State Secretary Pradeep Salunkhe, former MLA Sangeeta V Thombare’s husband Vijay Thombare, Nanasaheb Jadhav who contested as Mukhed MLA, ZP member Shiva Mohod, former Speaker Sushil Ghote, former ZP member Devanand Moole, Nanded corporator Srinivas Jadhav, among those who joined the BRS party. Kachre Saheed from Shiv Sangram Party, Amar Shinde from A Beed, PMC Motala District Buldhana President, Shiv Sangram Party President Punjab Rao Deshmukh, Shiv Sangram Party Student Wing State President Shailesh Sarket, MNS Latur District President Dnineshwar Jagdel, Beed District – Shiv Sangram Party General Secretary Sunil Arsul, Shiv Sangram Party Student Wing State Vice President Kamalakar Thorat, Beed District – BJP Vice President Deepak Shinde, Latur District Taluk NCP President Aditya Deshmukh, Beed District Congress President Praveen Somavanshi, Latur ZP Member Vyankatrav Jadhav, Dharur District Beed Taluk BJP President Mahesh Solanke, Beed District Ambajogai Taluk Bhav Thana Sarpanch Shiv Ling Yadav, Social activists Indrajit More, Dhananjay Masal, Siddeshwar Thonage and others are the leaders. MLA Jeevan Reddy, leaders of Maharashtra BRS Shivraj Dhonge and others participated in this program.

Maharashtra Farmers Union Leaders who recently joined BRS

They have been spending their whole life with struggles and for a state. Telangana CM and BRS chief KCR said that despite being the Chief Minister, he is still doing movements for the farmers. He said that farmers’ suicides have almost reduced in Telangana and wished for the same situation to happen in the whole country. In Telangana Bhavan, in the presence of CM KCR, leaders of farmers’ unions from Maharashtra joined the BRS party. BRS president KCR invited the leaders of the farmers’ unions to join the party. It was recalled that the central government had canceled three cultivation laws due to the struggle of rice farmers. Sarath Joshi, Praneet Saha, the leaders of the farmers’ unions of Maharashtra, were invited to join the BRS. He said that his entire political life was spent with struggles. KCR said that in the past he had fulfilled the aspirations of crores of people for the movement for the achievement of Telangana state. Now he is the CM but he is fighting for the farmers in Delhi. KCR said that if the farmers get involved, the government will take care of it, and the three cultivation laws abolished by the central government are proof of that.

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