Mahanadu News Live Updates: Will TDP fill the election gap in Rajahmundry Mahanadu?

Mahanadu News Live Updates: Will TDP fill the election gap in Rajahmundry Mahanadu?

 Mahanadu News Live Updates:  The Mahanadu program organized by the Telugu Desam Party at Vemagiri in Rajahmundry was announced by the TDP in an unprecedented manner. This time the House of Representatives and the Public House were organized separately. On the first day of Mahanadu, there will be a House of Representatives. Chief leaders and representatives from all over the state and from Telangana will attend this meeting. 15,000 people have been invited to the House of Representatives. 

The TDP ranks want to inform the people of Jagan’s destructive policies in the state in four years. They are confident that TDP will come to power one hundred percent. He said that the meeting will be held on the first day with the main purpose of how to put the state in the groove after coming back to power and to give confidence to invest. 

About the BCs which are the back bone of the TDP as the five wings, along with the SCs, STs and minorities. TDP leaders say that they have given special attention to welfare, youth, women and farmers. Special resolutions will be introduced on these. 

It is as if the manifesto has not been released..
TDP leaders say that there is a chance for leader Chandrababu to explain what the TDP election manifesto is going to be like. It is said that the draft manifesto will be released and placed before the public on the upcoming Vijayadashami day. The election manifesto is going to be designed by taking public opinion. In the matter of speakers also, they will provide opportunity with old and new combination. 

Telugudesam Party Mahanadu Fail‌ TDP AP President Achchennaidu alleged that the government is creating many obstacles at every step. They said that they are not providing buses, they are threatening to provide private buses. Cases are being filed against auto drivers. If there are any available vehicles, they should come on foot instead of using them. 

If party flags, flexi and arches are erected all over Rajahmundry city, night after night Jaganmohan‌Reddy blade‌ Batch‌ Achchenna said that it creates disturbances. Jud‌Flus‌ Chandrababu, who has security, asked that arrangements should be made for the gathering without any hindrances or problems. He said that he has written a letter to the DGP and met the district SPN party leaders. 

On Friday evening, Polit A Bureau meeting was held. They discussed the decisions to be taken and the resolutions being introduced in the two-day Mahanadu. He approved. 

On the second day, a huge public meeting was held. It is estimated that around 15 lakh people will come from all the constituencies of AP and Telangana for this. Achchenna said that every worker will become a volunteer and serve for this. After Mahanadu, Achchennaidu made it clear that he will go to the people with more new programs along with Badude Badude, and will fill the polls.  

TDP is accusing the ruling party YCP of conspiring against Mahanadu. Achchenna expressed his anger that the party ranks are being prevented from coming from different districts across the state. He criticized that they are not providing RTC buses, private buses and school buses. He said that the people who have created so many disturbances will come to Rajahmundry. 
A special meal has been arranged for the people who flock to Mahanadu and the party ranks. Dishes are being prepared with the expectation that fifty thousand people will come on the first day. Dishes are ready to be eaten anytime from morning to evening. Godavari cuisine will mesmerize the guests for two days. 

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