KTR Tweet: Responding to the female passenger’s tweet, KTR immediately issued instructions to the DGP

KTR Tweet: Responding to the female passenger’s tweet, KTR immediately issued instructions to the DGP

KTR Tweet : Telangana IT Minister KTR is active on social media. If you post tagging KTR on Twitter for any problem or help, he will respond immediately. It is suggested to solve the problem by giving instructions to KTR office. He also often discusses public issues. Minister KTR will be in touch with netizens by conducting Ask KTR on Twitter. Minister KTR recently responded to a female passenger’s tweet. At the Secunderabad railway station, when metro and bus services are not available, i.e. from 10 pm to 5 am, cab or auto services should be arranged for women. A young woman named Harshita asked on Twitter that they should be tracked by the police.    

Request @TelanganaDGP to consider this at the earliest and institute such mechanism at all Railway and Bus stations across the state

Thank You Harshitha Garu for your suggestion https://t.co/KwBqJ1krXq

— KTR (@KTRBRS) March 10, 2023

Minister KTR responds… 

  Minister KTR responded to this tweet..   DGP Anjani Kumar was advised to arrange autos or cabs under the police. They asked the DGP to arrange autos using tracking technology and implement this method across the state. DGP Anjani Kumar responded to this suggestion. He tweeted that steps will be taken to provide transport facilities so that women can travel safely. 

👍 Thank You DGP Garu https://t.co/Ghg85WPu1D

— KTR (@KTRBRS) March 10, 2023

Help for disabled person 

Minister KTR, who shows good heart by helping those in danger, recently showed his big heart again. An auto was provided to a disabled person within two days of asking. Akara Narsaiya from Narayanapur, Ellareddy Peta Mandal, Rajanna Sirisilla District, had both legs bent at birth. But he is married and has two children. They are Madhuri and Gautami. But his wife died some time ago. He is doing conscientious work and pushing his family. Less than three days ago, on Tuesday 28th February, Minister KTR came to Ellareddypet to inaugurate a day care center for the elderly. When Narsaiah came to know about the matter, with the help of BRS Sirisilla district president Thota Agaiah, he went to his wall with Amatya. When Narsaiya asked to give the auto, Minister KTR promised to give it. 

Minister KTR provided the auto within two days of asking

In this order, he talked to Collector Anurag Jayanti and granted the auto. . Minister KTR made an auto reach Narsaiah’s house within two days of his request. MPP Pilli Renuka and ZPTC Chiti Laxman Rao along with BRS District President Agaiah handed over the new auto to Narsaiah at Ellareddypet Tehsildar office on Thursday. However, Narsaiah thanked Minister KTR for responding immediately to the question and getting the auto for him. He explained that this auto will help him a lot to protect and educate his children. He made his two daughters sit in the auto and turned it. 

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