KTR on Bandi Sanjay: How did Bandi Sanjay become an MP without knowing that? KTR Fire

KTR on Bandi Sanjay: How did Bandi Sanjay become an MP without knowing that?  KTR Fire

Bandi Sanjay Maha Agnani

BRS Working President KTR was furious that BJP state president Bandi Sanjay has once again proved to be an unintelligent person. He said that TSPSC is a constitutionally constituted independent body. It has become clear that Bandi Sanjay who is talking without the minimum knowledge that the involvement of the state government is limited in it, is a great ignoramus. Without understanding about the functioning of government systems and their scope, he complained that he did not understand how Bandi Sanjay became an MP. KTR lashed out that they are making degenerate arguments for selfish political interests without knowing the difference between constitutionally formed systems and government departments. Bandi Sanjay said that making meaningless accusations against the Dharani undertaken by the state government for the cleanup of land records and efficient management is a sign of dirty politics. Minister KTR warned Bandi Sanjay that he will not tolerate making false accusations against him in connection with the Dharani portal and TSPSC issue. He said that Bandi Sanjay, who had made such meaningless and baseless allegations on the inter exams in the past, is facing a defamation case in the public domain. Bandi Sanjay has warned that he will face criminal cases in the coming days for these conspiracies with political malice. KTR said there are hundreds of cases of question papers being leaked in the process. He said that there have been more than a hundred cases of question paper leaks in states with BJP governments, and it has been revealed that BJP leaders themselves are the main masterminds. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state Gujarat has been held 13 times in 8 years. Bandi questioned Sanjay about the question paper leakage scandals. He said that if question papers are leaked in BJP-ruled states, there are records of re-examinations. BJP leaders themselves are the key masterminds. He said that the entire country knows how the BJP acted in the current Madhya Pradesh Vyapam jobs scam.  

Conspiracy to turn it into a security issue

KTR appealed to the public to recognize that if there is a mistake anywhere, how quickly the government reacts and what steps are taken. He said that when the TSPSC paper leak case came to light, the government appointed a SIT with lightning speed and arrested all those responsible. He said that the crucial decision to cancel the Group 1 Prelims examination was taken so that no injustice would be done to the deserving candidates. KTR warned the BJP to avoid the vicious attempt to use the whole affair for selfish politics without paying attention to the government’s response. KTR accused BJP of conspiring to turn this matter into a law and order issue.

The accused in the case are BJP active workers

KTR lashed out at the leader Bandi Sanjay who should leave the exams aside and come with him. He warned that Bandi does not have the right to talk about the youth. He said that the youth of the state has not forgotten the remarks of the evil Bandi Sanjay that if the Telangana government releases notifications, it is a conspiracy to alienate the youth from their party. It was alleged that behind the cross-border argument of abolishing the entire Public Service Commission by showing the wrong done by one person, there is a conspiracy to keep the youth away from jobs. The investigation revealed that the accused in this case are BJP active workers and BJP is behind the conspiracy to leak the paper at the expense of the lives of lakhs of unemployed people for its politics. Minister KTR accused the BJP of committing such wickedness and evil with the idea that the state government will get a good name if the recruitment process is completed quickly. KTR once again appealed that there is no need to worry about TSPSC vacancies. He said that our government has already shown its commitment to the unemployed youth by filling up more than twice the number of jobs promised. The minister said that the government has brought a new zonal system unlike anywhere else in the country with the lofty ambition of getting 95 percent jobs for the youth of Telangana and this is a proof of the sincerity of the government towards the youth. He appealed to remember that the Public Service Commission, which has filled thousands of jobs without a single allegation for 8 years, has set an example for many states along with UPSC. He appealed to the students and the youth to recognize the sincerity and crocodile tears of the parties who want to use the political color of this matter and act with vivacity.  

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