KTR in USA: Minister KTR signs agreement with 8 companies for Nizamabad IT hub

KTR in USA: Minister KTR signs agreement with 8 companies for Nizamabad IT hub

Telangana IT Minister KTR is moving ahead with the determination to take IT companies to second tier cities. Minister KTR met CEOs of 100 companies in a meeting held as part of his visit to America. Later, Minister KTR said that… he is working with the aim of providing extensive employment opportunities in the second tier cities of Telangana. KTR, who has already started IT towers in Warangal, Karimnagar, Khammam, Mahbub Nagar, and soon Siddipet He said that the construction of IT towers will be completed in Nizamabad and Nalgonda as well. In addition, another IT tower is being constructed in Adilabad. After the meeting with Minister KTR, as part of Nizamabad IT Hub, the representatives of 8 IT companies signed a memorandum of understanding with the government to organize activities in Nizamabad IT Hub. As a result of these agreements, IT jobs are going to come in the second tier cities of Telangana. Many  thousands of people will get employment opportunities indirectly.  This meeting was organized by  Global NRI Co-ordinator Mahesh Bigala, Chepuri, Vijay‌ Administered in collaboration with Rangineni. In this program, in this meeting, the Principal of IT and Industries Departments‌ Secretary Jayesh‌ Ranjan‌, Investment‌ment‌ Promotion‌ And‌ Special Secretary for NRI Affairs Ee Vishnuvardhan Reddy, Chief Relations‌ Officer‌ Amar Nath Reddy and others participated.

He said that Telangana is moving forward in all fields and is setting an example for other states. As a result of these agreements, many  IT jobs are going to come in the second tier cities of Telangana. Indirectly, employment opportunities will be created for thousands of people. Telugu NRIs as well as many non-Telugu NRIs have come forward to set up IT offices in the towns of Telangana.

Another American company in Hyderabad, jobs for 9 thousand youth!
Another American company is going to be set up in Hyderabad. Alliant, a well-known company in the field of banking, financial services and insurance, will set up a new center in Hyderabad. The CEO of that company Dhalwal Jadhav was met by Minister KTR in Houston. Alliant group, which is known as the leading house in consulting and financial services, will expand the BFSI sector in Hyderabad.
Hyderabad He said that the organization will recruit 9 thousand new people at the center. The minister said that this would be an opportunity for the young students of tax, accounting, audit services and IT technology. The minister revealed in his tweet that Hyderabad is becoming the focal point of BFSI industry and the decision taken by Alliant shows the trust and confidence in the city. Minister KTR, who went to the Alliant Group headquarters in Houston, was warmly welcomed there.


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