KCR Politics : Naya Desh Key leader KCR is silent on national issues – what is the sign of this silence !?

KCR Politics : Naya Desh Key leader KCR is silent on national issues – what is the sign of this silence !?


KCR Politics :   KCR, who changed the Telangana Rashtra Samithi Party to Bharat Rashtra Samithi and started national politics, is completely silent on national issues. Not participating in the meetings of the opposition parties. He did not even declare his support for the movements against the BJP at the national level.  For the last three or four days, all the leaders who are fighting against the BJP have been making statements. But KCR is not opening his mouth. In the end Aptamidu Kejriwal had a problem but did not make a single statement in support.

Kejriwal is difficult – everyone expressed solidarity except KCR! 

Delhi Various parties have expressed their solidarity with CM Arvind Kejriwal against the ordinance issued by the central government to clamp down on the appointments and postings of government officials. The opposition is making announcements against the Ordinance.   Arra Vind Kejriwal, calling the fight against the ordinance issued by the Center as a racial struggle, wants everyone to come together. It is not only our struggle but it is a nationwide struggle. Mamata Banerjee expressed solidarity with Kejriwal. But KCR, who is a close friend, at least did not express solidarity with Kejriwal. Not a single announcement was made against the Ordinance.  

Criticism of the opposition on the inauguration of the parliament building – but KCR is silent  ! 

Opposition leaders on May 28 inauguration of the new parliament building by PM Modi &nbsp Objecting     All the opposition parties are questioning that Prime Minister Modi is the head of the government and not the head of the legislature. Why should Modi start the parliament? On May 28, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Parliament building and dedicate it to the nation.. The Lok Sabha Secretariat has revealed. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla invited Prime Minister Modi to inaugurate the new Parliament building. But all the opposition parties including Congress, Trinamool and Majlis say that the President should start this against the traditions. But KCR is not talking. 

Stay away from opposition alliance meetings!

On the other hand Karnataka, the opposition parties are ready to form an alliance to defeat the BJP.  Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been meeting and discussing with opposition leaders with the aim of strengthening the opposition alliance against the BJP by 2024 general elections. He said that he will meet KCR but he has not met yet. Along with Nitish Kumar, Tejaswiadav, Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren, National Congress Party President Sharad Pawar, Tamil Nadu CM Stalin and National Conference President Farooq Abdullah attended the program where Siddaramaiah took oath as Chief Minister. But KCR did not receive an invitation either. KCR did not even send any signals that we will meet..let’s work together. 

KCR is reducing criticism on BJP and increasing it on Congress 

Meeting with MLAs and MPs at Telangana Bhavan. became No one spoke of BJP as a village word. He criticized what the Congress party had done in 70 years. Addressed a training camp for Maharashtra BRS leaders in Nanded. BJP, Shinde’s government was not called the word of the village. But criticized the Congress party. Congress party had done.   KCR went to other states and met everyone to turn the wheel in national politics. Now they say they are not responding even when called.  He has become a loner as the major regional parties who wanted to come with him are now moving away. In other words, he wanted to do so and distanced himself from all the parties. He stopped talking about actual national issues. 

KCR‘s politics are different.  After some time of silence, important decisions are  taken. Whether he will take any such decision this time, there is a chance to get clarity soon if he wants to ignore national politics till Telangana elections. 

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