KCR Election Plan: KCR seems to have abandoned preconceived notions? Are these the reasons?

KCR Election Plan: KCR seems to have abandoned preconceived notions?  Are these the reasons?

KCR Election Plan :    Telangana Chief Minister KCR announced that there will be no such thing as early elections and the elections will be held as per schedule.  One day Cabinet meeting .. On the other hand BRS working group meeting was arranged and everyone thought that KCR has prepared the ground for early elections.  It was also advertised that the exercise had been completed on the candidates before that. BRS leaders say that they wanted to go for elections six months early and now they have backed down. What is the reason for KCR’s decision?  Did BJP’s tactics backfire before the end? 

Liquor scam investigation at a crucial stage – politics around Kavita ! 

Delhi liquor scam   Central investigation agencies are making serious allegations against MLC Kavitha. Being a ruling party has some advantage in supporting Kavita. If that authority is given up… there is an expectation that Kavita will not be able to support herself.   In a way, now CM KCR’s power is not only very necessary, but also very important. At a time like this, it is said that it is not good for him to give up power and dissolve the assembly and go for elections. Sources of BRS say that even though victory is certain if they go ahead, if they give up power now, the chances of saving Kavita will also be lost.  

Even if the assembly is dissolved, there is no chance of holding elections along with Karnataka! 

It is difficult to say how the BJP will act now. Now, even if the assembly is dissolved, there is no guarantee that the elections will be held. EC has already started preparations for conducting elections in Karnataka.  The schedule can be released anytime in another month. If KCR dissolves the Telangana assembly at a time like this    EC is also expected to show no interest.  At the same time  President may not hesitate to impose rule.    That’s why  KCR seems to have come to the idea that it is better to wait till the time…and go to the elections as the ruling party instead of going to the elections after doing all this and putting the power in the hands of BJP. 

Power of Padayatra KCR identified ! 

KCR gave other tasks to the party leaders as it was decided that there was no advance.  Suggested to do hikes. BRS sources say that KCR who has been saying that there is no scene for padayatras, saying that all the party leaders should do the same is a sign of the change in his thinking. At present, there is no one in the opposition parties who does not do padayatras. All Congress leaders are doing it.  BJP leaders did it. Will do it again. Sharmila did too. In this way, everyone is meeting people with padayatras. BRS is the only one that doesn’t meet people, that’s why KCR was given the task of padayatras. Six months time was given.  Everyone should prepare for the elections before then.

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