Kavitha Phone: Kavitha’s phone seized from home – ED officials are questioning Kavitha for a long time!

Kavitha Phone: Kavitha’s phone seized from home – ED officials are questioning Kavitha for a long time!


Kavitha Phone:  MLC Kavitha’s phone was seized by ED officials in Delhi liquor scam. Kavita did not pick up her phone when she came to the hearing in the morning. They kept the phone at their residence in Delhi. But the ED officials spoke about the phone during the investigation. He told that he did not have it and ordered to bring it immediately. Kavitha, who was waiting outside the ED office, sent information to the driver and asked him to go to his residence and bring the phone. In the afternoon, Kavita’s driver took the phone and came to the ED office and handed it over to the authorities. It seems that the phone has been seized by the ED officials.                         

Kavita has been questioned by the ED officials since eleven o’clock in the morning. It seems that Kavitha is being interrogated along with the co-accused in the Delhi liquor scam. The ED is alleging that the main accused in the Delhi liquor scam issue destroyed the phones. Earlier ED told the court that 10 mobile phones used by Kavita were destroyed.  How many phones did the original poem use? It seems that the ED has now mainly inquired as to why it was destroyed. However, it is not known what Kavitha replied to the ED’s questions on the phones. It seems that the authorities brought Kavitha’s phone from the house only after the inquiry about the destruction of the phones.                        
During the investigation, the ED officials gave Kavita a lunch break for an hour. – It seems that the officers are shooting a video of the entire investigation in the presence of a female officer led by the ED Joint Director.  It seems that the ED officials are questioning all 9 people along with Kavita. According to reliable sources, the ED is interrogating Manish Sisodia, Kavitha, Arun Ramachandran Pillai, Dinesh Arora, Buchibabu, Sisodia’s former secretary Arvind, Excise Department officials Kuldeep Singh and Narendra Singh separately and together. Meanwhile, Arun Pillai and Manish Sisodia are already in ED custody.

BRS leaders are deployed on a large scale at the ED office in Delhi. KTR and Harish Rao are also in Delhi to consult with legal experts in solidarity with Kavita. Other senior leaders.. BRS legal experts have also settled in Delhi.                                       

If Kavita is arrested, there will be massive protests from Telangana to Delhi – BRS planning on a big scale!?

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