Kamareddy News: Cyber ​​crooks who bullied the lawyer, another scam without leaving the poor behind

Kamareddy News: Cyber ​​crooks who bullied the lawyer, another scam without leaving the poor behind
Scammers who are used to easy money.. are using technology to cheat anyone. A lawyer was beaten up by cyber criminals in Kamareddy district. In the name of credit card activation, Rs.33,500 was withdrawn from the account. A lawyer named Venkataratnam residing in Kamareddy district center received a phone call from cyber criminals claiming to be speaking from SBI bank… to activate the credit card. Cyber ​​hackers sent OTP to lawyer Venkataratnam’s mobile number. Blindly believing this, the lawyer sent the OTP back to the victim, Venkataratnam. As a result, a message of 33,500 thousand was debited from Venkataratnam’s bank account. Venkataratnam, realizing that he was cheated by this, lodged a complaint at the local Kamareddy town police station. Kamareddy town police have registered a case and started investigation.
Another fraud in the name of low interest loans
In Kamareddy district, the innocent, rural and illiterate people will be given loans of three to five lakh rupees at low interest. According to the story of the victims, Srihari and Rani, a couple from Chinna Mallareddy village of Kamareddy mandal, used to give low interest loans from GDFC Nidhi Limited (Pedala Palita Pennidhi) to Gandhari, Sadashivanagar, Machareddy, Bibipet and other mandals. About 250 innocent people each from Rs. 10,000 to Rs.15,000 in the form of GST, taxi, various taxes and about Rs. They charged up to 20 lakhs and turned the board.
With this, the victims called Srihari-Rani from the last few days. On the phone, he gave an incoherent answer. As the phone numbers have been switched off since the last two days, the victims who became suspicious approached the police. The victims protested in front of the house in Chinnamalla Reddy village, Srihari’s native village. Later, the victims said that the couple convinced them that they would give them loans at the lowest interest rate, so they believed their words and borrowed Rs. 10 to Rs. 15 thousand from them in the form of various taxis and about Rs. The victims complain that they were cheated by collecting up to 20 lakhs.
They approached the police and begged them to hand over their money. Police have registered a case and are looking for Srihari and Vanila.  But the police say that if you are victimized by cyber fraud, you should immediately call the cyber crime toll free number 1930 and file a complaint. 

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