KA Paul On TS Secretariat: This Is What Happened To Me – KA Paul’s Shocking Comments On Secretariat Fire

KA Paul On TS Secretariat: This Is What Happened To Me – KA Paul’s Shocking Comments On Secretariat Fire

KA Paul On TS Secretariat: Prajashanthi Party President KA Paul made shocking comments on the fire in Telangana New Secretariat. He said that the authorities stopped him from going to see the secretariat. That is why he did not want the new secretariat. He said that this is why even God did not want it. He said that it would be like this if he put it with him. He commented that even God is against CM KCR. KA Paul stated that they stood against the Secretariat because even God did not like it. KA Paul revealed that KCR’s corruption will not last long. He suggested that the Chief Minister should know the matter and repent.

KA Paul asked why the new secretariat of Telangana should be named after Ambedkar and started on CM KCR’s birthday instead of his birthday. He protested that the structure was not good enough to demolish the secretariat. He said that KCR will not win the upcoming elections…then what will the Prime Minister do. He demanded that the secretariat should be opened on Ambedkar Jayanti. KA Paul filed a PIL in the High Court challenging the inauguration of the newly constructed secretariat on the occasion of CM KCR’s birthday. He said that the CM is misusing public funds for his personal campaign and as part of that he is going to start the secretariat on his birthday. 

"I don’t want God thought no. That is why the secretariat was burnt. It will be like this if you put it with me. Even God is against KCR. 600 crore rupees and a new building was constructed. The building burned because I was not there. Even God is against you.. Dalits, BCs, SCs, STs are all turning against you. Open the Secretariat on April 14, the birth anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar. Or let’s see in court. However, naming Dr. BR Ambedkar’s name. All parties support me." – KA Paul   

The framer of the Constitution said that it is not appropriate to start the celebration on the Chief Minister’s birthday instead of Ambedkar’s birthday. He asked for an interim order suspending the inauguration programme. Chief Secretary to the Government and CM’s office were included as respondents. Under consideration for number allotment.   

Accident on Friday morning

A fire accident occurred in the Telangana New Secretariat, which is being constructed with great ambition by the Telangana State Government. The plastic material on the ground floor caught fire. Due to this, there was thick smoke near the main door of the secretariat. Locals who noticed the matter informed the police and firemen. The firemen rushed to the scene with 11 fire extinguishers. On receiving the information about the fire, the fire DJ went straight to the scene. Full details of the accident are yet to be known. 

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