Indian Railways: Cases of stone pelting on trains are not uncommon – Railways warning

Indian Railways: Cases of stone pelting on trains are not uncommon – Railways warning

Maniacs pelting stones on trains have increased recently. Such attacks especially on Vande Bharat trains are increasing in recent times. Due to this, the train is damaged and the passengers who do not know the omens are getting injured. In this background, the Indian Railway Department is serious. issued warnings. It has warned that if someone pelts stones while the train is running, the punishment will not be usual. The message has been passed that strict action will be taken against those who cause damage to railway property.

Strict punishments will be enforced as per RPF Act for attacking trains or damaging railway property. The case does not end in one city. The accused are not innocent. There are many leaders who are still facing Railroko cases. Strict action will be taken under Section 153 of the Railway Act if stones are thrown at trains. Apart from that, he will have to undergo imprisonment for up to 5 years. 

Many incidents of stone pelting have taken place in various parts of South Central Railway   In recent times, Vande Bharat trains have been targeted by miscreants in Kazipet-Khammam, Kazipet-Bhuvanagiri, Eluru-Rajahmundry areas. did Since January, 2023 these incidents have taken place till 9. As a result train reschedule‌ Had to do. All the passengers are feeling inconvenience. As a result of this type of attack, five passengers were seriously injured. Some have gone to the brink of death. Stone pelting took place in some places even before the start of the Vande Bharat train. Unidentified persons pelted stones on the coaches of the Vande Bharat train arriving at Visakhapatnam. In this  attack, the windows of two coaches were destroyed. The police identified the hooligans and arrested them.

Railway Protection Force is constantly working to catch the accused who are involved in such incidents. So far RPF has registered many cases. 39 people were arrested and sent to jail. Some of the attacks involved children between the ages of 6 and 17. The Railway Department has asked the parents to intervene and reprimand the children from committing such acts.  

To prevent incidents of stone pelting on trains, the Railway Protection Force has undertaken awareness programs. Coordinating with the Sarpanchs of the villages near the tracks. Stone crushing  Even in all danger places  Railway Protection Force  Put the staff. It appealed to those who saw anyone pelting stones to share information. If anyone notices stone pelting, they are asked to immediately dial 139. 

South Central Railway General Manager Arun  Kumar  Jain asked. Citizens are advised to be socially responsible to prevent such incidents from happening. To give counseling to their children, due to such misdeeds,  Consequences  To educate them about Railway General Manager Arun  Kumar  Jain appealed.

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