Increase in petrol prices to fill the coffers of Modi’s friends – Minister KTR

Increase in petrol prices to fill the coffers of Modi’s friends – Minister KTR

KTR has written an open letter to the central government to stop exploitation of petro prices. He accused them of exploiting the international crude oil prices. As a result, the Center has created an inevitable situation in which public transport charges have to be increased. KTR demanded that the Center should immediately apologize to the people of the country for cheating the people by raising the prices of petro. He accused Modi of increasing petrol prices to fill the coffers of his friends.

KTR further wrote in the letter. should say Petrol like never before in history,  The BJP government is robbing the people of the country by increasing the diesel prices. All the words that the center has said so far by showing the international crude oil prices as bogus for this exploitation  It became clear that it was not a gossip. In 2013, when the price of a barrel of crude oil was 110 dollars, the price of a liter of petrol in the country was only 76 rupees. But today, even if the price of a barrel of crude oil has fallen by half, that is to 66 dollars, the current price of petrol is 110 rupees per litre. That is why what we said earlier that the reason for the increase in petrol prices in the country is not the crude oil but the oil prices decided by Modi has once again been proved to be literal truth. Just to show crude oil as a bogey and fill the coffers of its corporate friends with profits, the Modi government is increasing the price of petrol in the country without any relation to the international crude oil prices. >

Due to the drastic increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, the poor and common middle class people of the country are suffering severely due to the price burden.  Since 2014, the increase in petrol prices by more than 45 percent has made freight transportation burdensome and the price of every commodity purchased by the common man has gone up. Prices of all kinds of basic necessities, starting from essentials and vegetables to pulses and salt, are skyrocketing. The public transport system is teetering on the brink of crisis due to the massive rise in diesel prices. This has created an inevitable situation for the central government to increase the public transport charges in all the states. Also, due to the failure of the central government, the country is suffering from inflation that has never been seen in the last 45 years. Modi government has tried to mislead the people of the country in the name of war with Russia. But on the one hand, the central government claims to be importing oil from Russia at a very low price to the country, on the other hand, even though crude oil is available at a low price, it is not responding to the looting of people’s pockets in the name of petrol prices.  Central Govt. It is a fact that the entire benefit of crude oil saving of 35 thousand crores has gone to only one or two oil companies. The central government is hiding the important fact that the crude oil imported from Russia in the name of domestic consumption is being refined and sold back to foreign countries. It should be noted that the central government has reduced the windfall tax to the government in view of the cross-border profits of companies buying crude oil at a low price and selling it back abroad. I want people to remember that Prime Minister Modi is a tough guy who continues to exploit the people of the country in the name of petrol despite reducing taxes for corporate companies. I am demanding a reduction in petrol rates, which have been heavily hiked in the wake of oil prices falling to 2013 levels. Even now, I demand that the Bharatiya Janata Party government under the leadership of Modi should stop the exploitation of the people of the country in the form of petrol prices. On the other hand states like Telangana from 2014  Even though the VAT has not increased by a single rupee, the central government has looted more than 30 lakh crores from the people in the name of cesses. But the state government is trying to make a living by pushing this pretext. The cesses imposed by the Center should be completely lifted in order to reduce the price of petrol to that extent in view of the fact that the international price of crude oil has reached below 70 dollars. Union Ministers saying that if the price of petrol is to come down, it should be brought under the ambit of GST brings to mind the proverb. The price of cooking gas cylinder under GST is Rs. The incompetent central government which has increased from 400 to 1200 is located in Delhi. It is pointless for the BJP government to raise the price of gas cylinders the highest in the world and gossip to the states. Why the center could not reduce the cylinder prices under GST should be answered first.

If we want to reduce the petro burden, we should get rid of BJP

The central government is conspiring to prevent this price increase from being discussed in the parliament. But the people of the country are observing this petro exploitation by the Modi government. Taluk is feeling the ill effects of increased petrol prices. The only way to get rid of the Bharatiya Janata Party is to get rid of the petroburden, which the central government has turned into an extortionist and is stealing from the people’s pockets. Even now the central government should stop this exploitation. Otherwise in the hands of the people  The central government must learn a lesson.

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