If Congress comes to power, financial assistance of Rs. 5 lakh for construction of houses: Bhatti Vikramarka

If Congress comes to power, financial assistance of Rs. 5 lakh for construction of houses: Bhatti Vikramarka

Is Telangana won by fighting for the welfare of the people of the state? Will CM KCR’s family get better? CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka asked. If Telangana comes, lives will be better, water, funds, appointments and self-respect will be provided if Telangana is won by fighting. MLC Jeevan Reddy expressed his solidarity with CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka’s padayatra. MLC Jeevan Reddy walked along with Bhatti Vikramarka in Sirikonda mandal centre. MLC Jeevan Reddy called for the success of Bhatti Vikramarka’s Padayatra across Telangana state to solve public problems. CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka said that under the Congress government, the tribal people under the ITDA were given houses, roads, Arogyashri and fee reimbursement schemes and guaranteed employment. He reminded that work has been provided. KCR said that he is the person who is taking away the existing schemes of the people who expected more good schemes if Telangana comes. CM KCR, who told many lies about double bedroom houses, came under fire saying that he had lifted the housing department and lied to the people. Bhatti Wickramarka questioned the state government. Soniamma gave Telangana to improve the lives of tribal children. CM KCR said it is not for the betterment of your family.

What about combining nine villages in Sirikonda mandal of Adilabad district in one constituency and the remaining villages in another constituency? Dividing a mandal into two constituencies is a Tughlaq rule. He questioned how administration is possible without setting up offices in the newly established Sirikonda mandal. He said that the wretched government is ruling the state which could not dig canals for the Chikuman project which was completed during the Congress government. 

We have made proposals to build the Kupti project during the Congress government to irrigate three and four mandals in the Both constituency. But even after coming to power for 9 years, the TRS government has not paid attention to these projects. Bhatti Vikramarka said that he has started this padayatra to fight for you that this government which does not give us irrigation needs to come to its senses. Do you own any wealth of the state? The CLP leader got angry at the threats of the BRS leaders. He said that he had started the padayatra to tell the BRS government that it had burdened the people by borrowing 5 lakh crores. No aristocratic rule in Telangana. Let’s form a people’s government. People’s government is only possible with Congress. He called for the Congress to win and bring the people’s government.

As soon as the Congress comes to power, they will build the Kupti upliftment project to green the Both constituency. We will raise the height of the Cheikuman project, install gates and provide irrigation to the lower  Ayakattu. We promise to build a shadikhana in Sirikonda.. It has been made clear that as soon as the Congress party comes to power, we will give house plots to the poor who do not have houses and also provide financial assistance of five lakhs for the construction of houses. They promised to reduce the skyrocketing gas cylinder prices and give a cooking gas cylinder for Rs.500.

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