Hyderabad News: Swapnalok fire caused by short circuit: DG

Hyderabad News: Swapnalok fire caused by short circuit: DG

Secunderabad Fire Accident: Fire Department DG Nagireddy said that short circuit is the main cause of fire accident in Swapnalok Complex in Secunderabad. Shops on the 5th and 7th floors of the ever-busy Swapnalok complex were completely gutted in the fire, he said. The DG of the Fire Department disclosed that they received information that the fire broke out at around 7 pm on Thursday. Nagireddy said that after receiving the information Hutahutina reached the spot and rescued 12 people who were trapped inside the building, but unfortunately six people lost their lives. Nagireddy said that even though the owners were told about fire safety, they acted negligently. The DG of Fire Department disclosed that although there is fire safety in Swapnalok complex, it is not working at all. He said that the negligence of the shop keepers in the fire incident is clear. At present the condition of the building is good. Fire fighting system is suggested to be mandatory in every commercial complex. He said that it is not enough to have fire safety and they should be managed properly. Mainly commercial complexes should not be locked. He said that some people lost their lives because they could not come out due to the locks. Those conducting business transactions are advised not to neglect the matter of management. It has been revealed that earlier notices have been issued to the management of Swapnalok Complex on this matter. Nagireddy said that the staircase should be kept open in every complex and if the staircase is locked in any complex, call 101.

What happened?

Six people died in another massive fire accident in Secunderabad. Others were injured. A massive fire broke out on the 7th and 8th floor of Swapnalok Complex. Many people were involved in this accident. Six of them died of suffocation. On receiving the information, the firemen rushed to the scene and rescued some. The fire was brought under control. The fire was extinguished with five fire engines. There are clothing shops and godowns in Swapnalok complex. Many showed cell phone torches and begged for rescue. 


A huge fire broke out in Swapna Lok Complex at Patni, Secunderabad. A fire broke out in the 7th and 8th floor of Swapnalok Complex. Many people could not come out of the offices due to thick smoke.   As there are many offices and commercial complexes in this complex, tens of employees are trapped. They screamed for help showing the phone torch. Those caught in the fire were suffocated by the smoke. 

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