Hyderabad News: Sean Rivers – The bride canceled the wedding because the dowry given was not enough!

Hyderabad News: Sean Rivers – The bride canceled the wedding because the dowry given was not enough!

Hyderabad News: It is becoming customary for girls to give dowry to boys. Parents offer dowries according to their own means and marry their daughters. But here a boy’s family is ready to give dowry to the girl’s family. They wanted to make her their daughter-in-law by giving two lakhs. In this order, money was given and all arrangements were made for the wedding. The girl’s side gave a shock to the boy’s family as the wedding was in two hours. She said that the dowry given to her was not enough.. She did not agree to the marriage. Not knowing what to do, the boy’s family approached the police. In the end, they left the money and left behind. 

What actually happened..?

A young man from a colony under Medchal-Malkajigiri Pocharam Municipality was sent to Ashwaraopet of Bhadradri Kothagudem District. Elders are engaged to marry the young woman who belongs to her. An agreement was reached between the two families in the presence of the caste elders that the boy’s side would give a dowry of two lakhs to the girl. The time for the wedding was fixed at 7.21 pm on Thursday. The boy’s family members distributed invitations to the relatives saying that the wedding would take place in a function hall in Ghat Kesar. Before the Muhurta, the boy, family members and relatives reached the function hall. Is it time for Muhurat.. The girl and her relatives did not come, so they inquired on behalf of the groom. 

The family members who were shocked that the dowry was not enough

The dowry given on behalf of the boy was sufficient. The bride demanded that there was no more. An hour before the wedding time, she said that she did not want this wedding. When the groom’s family members approached the police, they brought the girl’s family members to the police station. However, the boy’s family members also gave up the two lakh rupees given earlier. Then those who went their way left.     

Last year in November, there was a quarrel over not having a chicken in the wedding – the wedding was cancelled

The dowry that was to be given was not paid on time, or the boy did not love other people, one of the bride and groom was already married and had children. We have seen many times that marriage is stopped due to stay. But here, the groom’s friends quarreled that instead of chicken, only vegetarian food was served in the wedding feast. It turned into a chilly wind and rain. This stopped the marriage. But now let us find out when and how this incident happened. 

On the early morning of Monday 29th November in Hyderabad Shahpur Nagar, a wedding came to a standstill. The groom from Jagadgarigutta Ring Basti and the bride from Kuthbullapur have made all the arrangements to get married early on Monday morning. However, a dinner was organized on Sunday night in a function hall in Shahpur Nagar. The bride and groom were from Marwari family from Bihar and cooked vegetarian dishes. But towards the end of the feast, the friends of the bridegroom came to the meal. They got into a fight as to why they didn’t put chicken. They left there saying that we should eat vegetarian food. It was in this sequence that there was a fight between the two sides. But immediately the family of the bride’s daughter told the matter to the Gidemetla CI Pawan. In response, he called both the family members and the bride and groom and gave counselling. It was decided to get married on Wednesday, 30th of this month, when all the quarrels were forgotten. The story has a happy ending.

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