How did KCR earn thousands of crores of rupees?: MLA Etala

Bandi Sanjay Arrest: Huzurabad MLA Etala Rajender said that we strongly condemn the arrest of BJP state president Bandi Sanjay in the name of class 10 Hindi paper leak.  He organized a media conference at his residence in Medchal on Wednesday. On this occasion, Etala Rajender said… We are demanding the immediate release of Bandi Sanjay and he accused that these illegal arrests are being made to divert people’s attention. The prophecy says that the merger is certain. They demanded that the TSPSC board should be abolished and the paper leakage case should be investigated by the sitting judge. He said that if KCR is talking that the whole country will spend money, he should understand how much he has looted the people of Telangana. Also advised to prove your innocence in liquor scam.

TSPSC Abhasupalai has played with the lives of 30 lakh students. MLA Etala said that CM KCR is demanding to take full responsibility for this. He said that on the one hand there is paper leakage and on the other hand the daughter will be caught in the liquor business which women should not do and will face investigation. After CP Ranganath gave very clear information about the Hindi paper leakage, BRS lashed out at the government for attributing it to Bandi Sanjay. People were told that KCR is working with the aim of diverting people from this. As Rajdeep Sardesai said.. KCR, who was booked, was asked to tell how he earned thousands of crores of rupees. He alleged that Chief Minister KCR is buying MLAs from opposition parties by spending wasteful money and making the state without opposition. Itala said that it is a shame that Chief Minister KCR will give election funding to political parties in the country if there is no money to provide medical care in the state. Modi has been getting self-motivation by speaking directly to students for many years. He said that Modi is thinking broadly and doing that work, so he is getting along with the children. He said that if the BRS ministers and MLAs are honest, they should conduct an inquiry into the paper leakages with the sitting judge. Dear people.. He said not to discuss the work of KCR. Only then will you know the truth. He said that the defeat of BRS will bring an end to these evil ways. Etala commented that this is a struggle between looters and people. All the people of the state are advised to be vigilant. As elections are coming, intimate meetings are being held.. MLAs come and have medicine and mutton for lunch They criticized that they are providing. A double bedroom house, pension, loan waiver is not something that comes if you are just invited… Don’t think why KCR is giving you drinks and mutton meals.

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