Gunpark bandi sanjay: Police attempt to disrupt Bandi Sanjay Deeksha – Tension at Gun Park!

Gunpark bandi sanjay: Police attempt to disrupt Bandi Sanjay Deeksha – Tension at Gun Park!

Gunpark bandi sanjay :    Today, BJP state president Bandi Sanjay started a campaign at Hyderabad Gun Park against the TSPSC paper leak. A cart which left the BJP office as a rally with the activists, started the initiation by paying tributes to the martyrs at the Gun Park. Due to this, there was a great commotion at the gun park. Police are deploying heavy forces and controlling the BJP workers. The police are shouting slogans saying go back. Bandi stated that the BRS government has failed in all areas and people of all sections are facing severe difficulties.          

Bandi Sanjay lashed out at KCR for leaking Group 1 question paper and defrauding lakhs of students. He questioned how much is going to happen if the CM is silent on the paper leak. The CM demanded an immediate response to the paper leak and an inquiry with the sitting judges. All the BJP workers gave a warm welcome to the BJP candidate AVN Reddy who won the MLC elections. Bandi Sanjay confidently expressed that the BJP government will win the upcoming election. For that, Bandi said that AVN Reddy, who won the MLC elections, is an inspiration and ideal for the BJP. Bandi criticized the BRS party as working against democracy. He warned that teachers will teach this government a lesson.                                 

Police tried to disrupt Bandi Sanjay Deeksha. Gun Park was surrounded and tried to arrest Sanjay. But as there were women activists around Bandi Sanjay, the women   police were also called on a large scale and tried to escape them. Everyone was warned to leave the place of initiation. However, the BJP activists raised slogans of  Police go back…KCR down. 

The activists said that they will not budge from the initiation until the TSPSC paper leak is investigated by the sitting judge and the Minister KTR is removed from the cabinet. Clarified. As it is difficult to arrest  traffic is causing trouble.. The police appealed to Sanjay to leave the cart. But Bandi Sanjay did not inform the police that he was conducting the initiation without any trouble to the people or the traffic.  Bandi Sanjay warned them not to take any coercive action against those who are peacefully initiating  If the activists are forcibly moved there will be dire consequences.             

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