Gully to Global – Dishonest on Rice Bowls, Debts and Albums: Rahul Sipliganj’s Mother Sudharani with ‘ABP Desam’

Gully to Global – Dishonest on Rice Bowls, Debts and Albums: Rahul Sipliganj’s Mother Sudharani with ‘ABP Desam’

‘‘Natu..Natu’’ Singer Rahul Sipliganj, who rocked the global film industry with his song, needs no introduction. Rahul was born in an ordinary middle class family in the old town area of ​​Hyderabad. Father Rajkumar was a barber by profession and used to run a salon. Rahul also used to help his father as a barber in the same salon. However, everyone knows that Rahul loves songs. But, no one expected that Oscar would rise to the level of singing live on stage. Why.. Even Rahul Sipliganj never expected it. 

Very few people know that behind Rahul’s voice, which enthralls music lovers, there is an endless difficulty. Rahul has grown step by step in life facing financial difficulties. ‘‘Natu Natu’’ ABP nation greets Rahul’s parents on the occasion of the song winning an Oscar. On this occasion Rahul’s mother Sudharani said..Rahul’s love for music from childhood. He said that he learned music especially by playing on cooking bowls and dining tables. Then Rahul’s father Raj Kumar, who noticed Rahul’s passion, started encouraging him. As a result, when relatives came home, the tribe would be ashamed to sing in front of them. His father would repeatedly ask him to sing when his relatives came to calm Rahul’s fear. Slowly getting used to it, Rahul left his face and got used to singing in fours. He learned music by turning things at home into musical instruments. Rahul used to sing songs during Dussehra celebrations. He would stand on the procession lorry and entertain with his  songs. Rahul’s passion started at the age of seven. He said. 

Debts and private albums

‘‘Rahul’s father Raj Kumar used to run a saloon. The income from the salon was enough to meet the family’s needs. Rahul   used to take loans to promote talent. They used to pledge the goods and spend the money to make Pravetu albums. After that, we encouraged Rahul to settle the debts with the money received from them, and again and again, when necessary, take loans with interest. He said.

Even after becoming a celebrity, he works in a salon

‘‘RRR movie ‘Natu Natu’ We are lucky that Keeravani, who sings the song, gave us a chance. He recognized the talent in our child and called him and sang him a lot. Rahul’s growth to this stage is due to the encouragement of celebrities like Keeravani and Mani Sharma. My thanks to them. Rahul told me   at home when the Golden Globe Award came. Amma look this time ‘‘Natu Natu’’ He used to say that the song will get an Oscar. We are overjoyed to have won that award today. No matter how many songs my child sings or goes to Bigg Boss, he will not be proud. He does his own work at home. He goes to the market and brings goods. He goes to his father’s salon and works as a barber whenever he has time. Relatives are also calling and appreciating my child getting recognition from the street level to the world class. What more do I want as a mother? that  Rahul Sipliganj’s mother Sudharani is devastated. 

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